Tub for washing tool before spraying

the Air bubbles in the bath to wash before spraying circulating in solution and in the fall, between the cleaned surface and pollution. The bubbles stick to the dirt and off dirt particles in the explosions of the vacuum holes. The pressure of the explosion can reach 1000 bar, and thus there is no surface damage. The result is a perfect cleaning even in hard to reach places.

Cleaning tool with ultrasound

Usually for the preparation of the cutting tool before coating use the following technology

Soak in the detergent solution for 5-10 minutes, if you have time, preferably 1-2 hours at a temperature of 75-90
bath ultrasonic bath for rinsing -0.25 cleaning solution alkaline (labomid-203 or foscan-201)+gel «Cif» with the whitening effect of temperature 75-80 5 to 7 min
bath ultrasonic bath for rinsing -15 cleaning solution foscan-201+gel»Cif» for stainless steel temperature 45-50 -5-7 min at mode this mode is typically erasing spots
Rinse 3 baths with running water alternately with the volume of the bath is 50 liter. and duration 5 min
Rinse in filtered water+acetone+boot+isopropyl or ether
Drying in a drying Cabinet at a temperature of up to 180 degrees

Ultrasonic bath for cleaning tool

the choice of method tools cleaning effect

the material composition/alloy;
the structure of the material depending on heat treatment, for example,
forging, hardening, vacations, welding, brazing;
the characteristics of the surface such as its roughness and purity;
terms of processing/preparation;
service life and processing cycles.

Environment for tools cleaning in an ultrasonic bath before sputtering

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