Cutter for CNC machine

we will talk about the features of cutters for CNC machines and the groups are subdivided those same tools.< / span>


For starters, consider the fact that work on the CNC machines perform cutting General purpose tools (i.e. a tool used on machines that have manual control). But it’s not so easy, because if the tool is used on CNC machines, it must meet the following requirements: to have a high quality sharpening to be interchangeable, must meet high requirements for rigidity and durability.

One of the types of cutting tool is a cutter. So, turning cutter, you can perform many operations including on CNC machines. And, of course, turning tools differ in purpose.

Therefore, the following subsystems:

— Turning tools, performing such operations as turning, threading, boring, cutting grooves, cutting machines light and medium series;

— Turning tools, performs a special operation (for example, a shaped cutter or a cutter for plasma-mechanical processing);

— Turning tools, mounted on heavy vertical turning lathes and large machines;

— Turning tools that are installed on the SST and multi-purpose machines.


Subsystem cutters for CNC machines.

Let’s take a closer look at subsystem cutters for CNC machines. For example, the cutter having a streamlined wedge mount SMP — wedge-sticking, serves to conduct the preliminary and final operations on the machines is universal. The bottom line is the thrust wedge SMP to the pin and to the base plate. With this consolidation, we can observe the open auxiliary cutting edge.

now, consider the subsystems of the cutters that make up grooving cutters and lathe cutting tools.

so, based on the characteristics of the structure, the cutter can be:

1. Cutting dergachy, which has a replaceable carbide profile inserts have a mechanical mount.

the cutter has in its structure: podbreziny stuck, profile odnokomnatnuju the cutting insert, tool holder.

in order to install the insert into the V — shaped groove of the socket holder necessary V — shaped projection directly on a reference surface of the plate.

I would also like to note that if the cutting plates made of hard alloy with wear-resistant coating, the resistance can be increased 2-3 times.

2. Cutting with brazed carbide inserts.

you have used the new (and three-layer in particular) brand of solder for fabrication. A tool holder can be made from steel 35HGSA, or 30KHGSA, which significantly reduces, or rather, virtually eliminates cracking during soldering. thus, there is a reduction of the consumption of the cutters 3-4 times.

Very good quality and precision sharpening reduces the cost of initial sharpening (about by 0.3 — 0.4 p.).

3. Grooving dergachy, which perekachivanie replaceable carbide inserts have a mechanical mount.

By name it is clear that this cutter to use for cutting the grooves (with accurate dimensions). The cutting element is nothing else than a carbide insert, made according to GOST 2209-83. The structure of this cutter includes: a tool holder, the cutting plate (the shape of which is prismatic), the thrust element (the biscuit), the adjusting screw and sticking.

To prevent transverse displacement of the support surface of the insert, it (the plate) make the angle to the side, and sticking is fixed. The adjusting screw provides for the departure of the insert after regrinding and further fixation of the plate, thus preventing longitudinal displacement.

Base of this design was the production of grooving tools that allow you to process internal threaded, angled, straight grooves and outer corner and straight grooves.

Well, it should be noted that efficient operation requires at least 20 regrinding.

4. A cutting plate, having interchangeable carbide inserts.

(But, this cutter is primarily applicable for universal machines with manual control)

the cutter has in its structure: the unit (which is fixed in tool post), twin-edge cutting profile plate, which secures the elastic petal of the holder, leaf holder.

the Cutter becomes more versatile because the plate holder allows you to adjust the characteristics of its departure from the block to the specified size.

5. Grooving, which has a replaceable carbide profile inserts have a mechanical mount.

This type of cutter has in its structure: a tool holder, clamping screw with washer, twin-edge cutting plate. With the help of screws fasten the cutting insert. With regards to the presence of two cutting edges — this saves hard alloy.

Further, it is worth noting subsystem cutters General-purpose, consisting of teams of cutters, which allow you to perform roughing, semi-finishing and finishing turning of workpieces made of cast iron and steel.

Thus, the workpiece may be subjected to grinding, pruning, handling, cutting, boring.

subsystem includes a small number of groups:


the Cutter of this group is mounted on heavy-duty lathes (workpiece diameter 1250 — 4000 mm) and vertical boring mills (workpiece diameter 3200 — 12000 mm) in which a conventional tool holders.


the Cutter of this group is mounted on heavy lathes with plate holders CNC machines.


the Cutter of this group is installed on the larger lathes (workpiece diameter 800 — 1000 mm) with a standard tool holders, and boring machines (diameter of workpiece 1600 — 2800 mm).


it is Necessary to improve the quality of the work cutting tool in all possible ways, including, using the experience of the inventors, to develop new methods of fixing and changing of plates, to use advanced technology to increase productivity.

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