EDM machines

In this article we’ll talk about EDM machines where they are used, what distinctive features possess, what are the benefits of using this machine in production and machine-building enterprises.

machine electroerosion

Requirements for modern types of equipment are very high. Therefore, electroerosion machine is quite popular in the area, where the high precision when machining different parts. And, of course, it is worth noting that this machine is reliable in service. With regards to the range, on the market you can find large variety of types of EDM machine. There are also various kinds of modifications of machine tools popular firms. Therefore, this serves to satisfy the desires of the buyers because they can purchase a machine that they need, and which meets the required specifications.

If the particles of the material level using pulsed discharge, we can observe electric discharge machining. So, consider the situation when the electrodes are immersed in a dielectric, in this case, set between a certain distance. When the electrodes begin to converge, the tension increases and we can observe the phenomenon of dielectric breakdown. The occurrence of electric discharge. Processing pulse lasts about 0.01 seconds. This time helps to ensure that the heat does not reach great depths in the material. The quality of the product and process performance contribute to the electric pulse parameters. These indicators depend on: the duration of the pulse, repetition frequency and energy.

electric discharge machine for electric discharge machining. Advantages

it’s No secret that CNC machines are a popular machine for machining. And the public these machines are of genuine interest. And all because such machines allow to process detail offline, ie staff may not constantly monitor the process. Now, EDM machines also come with software.

One of the main advantages, perhaps the compactness of the equipment. The reason is that in modern machines a lot of power, and they don’t take up much space. Often, machines are made using proven, modern technology that extends the life in comparison with outdated machines.

Mostly EDM machine process hard materials and complex products. Most often, as a tool to take a thin wire.

When on carbide, the cost of the tool is half of the cost of production, whereas EDM method, only about 3 percent of the value of the instrument is of the cost of manufacturing.


the Machines are:

— specialized;

— special;


the Machines are: a device that moves and secures the tool (no need to use weight training for its use), device which regulates the space that is available between the electrodes and the hydraulics. As for the hydraulic system, it has: a hydraulic pump, a working fluid, filters.

Coordinate-broaching machine enables the tool to perform complex movement, ensure high precision machining.

Wire-cutting machine as a tool has a brass or tungsten wire.

the Scope of EDM machines

If to speak about applications of the above equipment, you can see that it is vast. This is because the machine guarantees high-precision machining. Thus, it is possible to use these machines if the production scale. But you can also use EDM machines and for private occasions. For example, if need to make clearance stamp or a mold – that is, this machine will come in handy wherever you need a smooth surface.

EDM machine

with regards to broaching, EDM machines, they are most often used where you want the marking of parts or to obtain service openings. As a result, it is worth noting that this machine is a universal equipment that allows processing of metals with different degrees of difficulty.

Billet can be made of various types of metal or composite alloy.

But still, it is recommended to use EDM machine, if a milling machine is simply not profitable to use.

Modern EDM machines must have:

1. effective protection against impact;

2. optical ruler to ensure the measurement accuracy;

3. ergonomic design;

4. automatic filling and refilling of the wire.

If to consider the best model EDM machines, it is possible to detect that the performance of these machines is very high. Namely, the same processing performance up to 330 sq mm/min, the minimum roughness Ra=0,03-0,05 µm., precision up to 1-2 microns.

EDM machines should have a rigid structure, in order to ensure accuracy and durability. Machine bed is made using special materials that contributes to the high strength, stiffness and durability, low thermal expansion coefficient.

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