Universal machines for woodworking

ideally, the workshop should be equipped with a separate woodworking machine, conveniently located at a distance from each other so that each of them could handle even large blanks. However, for woodworking workshops with limited floor space, there is the alternative with the lowest footprint is a universal machine that combines several functions in one design.

universal machines for woodworking

the Most universal machines include cutting machine, planer with thicknessing mode, moulding machines, lathe and horizontal boring/mortising machine. These components may be implemented as separate machines that are grouped around a single engine, or as a single unit with shared desktops, and on some models, and total stops. Avoid cheap: simplified: variants universal machines — it is best to choose a machine with similar characteristics to the parameters for specialized woodworking machines.

features of machine tools for woodworking


electric Motors

a Good versatile machine is equipped with one or more drive motors 1 ,5 kW (2 HP). Obviously, the machine with individual motor for each operation is preferable, since a separate motor, less wear and transition from operation to operation is easier to implement. It is not surprising that these types of machines on the road. More common, when belts of different nodes must take turns to put on the engine belt pulley. If this is done by a switching lever located on the outside of the machine, the transition is practically instant.

Manual adjustment of the belt is not only tedious and time consuming.


changed functions

in order to prepare a universal machine to work, you always need to remove some stops, to raise or lower the cutting elements, to rearrange the fencing. All these operations require not much more work than when the same actions with the specialized woodworking machines. However, if during the transition from operation to operation, it is necessary to partially disassemble the machine, very soon it will become frustrating, especially when you can not easily pen to go from sawing to planing and Vice versa.


control System

In addition to normal, situated next to the buttons turn on and off universal machine in key locations usually has a emergency shut-off valve. On the main control panel can be switch functional modes of operation. The same switch is used to turn off all motors when the machine is not working.


universal machine

the design of the universal machine are inevitably present some compromise solution, the PE is required to be able to manage each element effectively, relaxed and, most importantly, safely. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for setting up the machine when performing any of its functions. Methods of work on the universal machine the identical methods recommended for use at the respective special machines.



operations on woodworking machines

operations on woodworking machines

security Measures when working on the machine

• Install the universal machine so that you can safely work on it from either side.

• whenever possible, use one or the other dust extraction system.

• If the belts are hand, those who are currently not in use, place away from pulleys and other moving parts of the machine.

• support is too long or wide workpieces, use goats or a roller bearing or ask an assistant to take the workpiece when you move the machine.

• after completing the operation, remove the cutting elements inside the machine or completely cover their respective fences. Always remove the milling head after work.

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