Carbide end mill

the Cutter is a cutting tool, which is used in industry and construction to generate a variety of complexity of metal surfaces. Carbide end mills are made from paraskevich alloys. Namely the decisive combination acts combination with carbitol metals and cobalt binder. They differ from other types of milling cutters high strength, so use them to work with solid materials. Cutters were specially developed for finishing grooves in products for alloy steels, high-alloy and carbon steels, planes with curved contours, cut ledges, zakisaniya the bottom of the grooves.

mill end

Mill consists of a rotating body which has a cylindrical or disk form. And for the manufacture of teeth are divided into solid, welded, and fabricated. That is one piece made of one kind of material, and the other two kind – of a few. And the shape of the tooth is pointed or relief. In the first case front, as well as the rear surface is flat, and the second front surface is also flat, but the back is made of a spiral of Archimedes.

Ring tungsten carbide cutters are also divided into two types according to the processing accuracy. There are high and normal precision. In the first case, the cutter is marked with the letter «T» to determine the type.

carbide circular Cutters are used to work with all groups of metals. To what use a particular mill is determined by the geometry of the edges of the teeth. Cutters with a positive value of angle required for the processing of viscous and stainless steels, and nonferrous metals. Cutting tool with a smaller value of angle will be useful in working with iron and steel of medium hardness. But for hardened steels should be selected cutter with negative rake angle. Also to the different geometry of edges and select the appropriate coverage for the best process. In the first case, use smooth finish for higher resistance of the material of the second type applied to a coating with good abrasion resistance, and the third cause of high hardness coating.

Manufacturers make for working on the machines solid carbide annular cutters or teams. Solid milling cutters made from tool steel, but trade is when the teeth consist of additional plates of hard alloys and are connected to the tool body using brazing. And cutting edge are both straight and helical.

At the beginning of the tooth immediately feels very large load and cuts off the biggest layer of material, so it should be possible to reduce the runout of the milling cutter relative to the cartridge. To change the beat can be pinching tool and Pomeroy indicator runout, if it is more then you need to again clamp the cutter. This allows you to exclude at the beginning of the milling slide on the tooth work surface. Also increases the durability and reduces the roughness of the treated surface.

Precision grooves along the width depends on the degree of precision of end mills. As well as the accuracy and rigidity of the milling machine and runout of the cutter, which is attached to a special spindle. To get a fairly accurate size, you should handle the product in two ways, namely, first, rough way, and then finish.

mill slot
When you select the roughing mill should pay attention to the following criteria: processing height (depth) required radius of the workpiece, the desired machining accuracy, the response of the machined material, the planned cost of the product.

When working with carbide cutters on the machines, get different kinds of surfaces:

vertical milling machines receive, respectively, a vertical plane;
Inclined planes and bevels, are made with vertical machines. They provide rotation of the milling heads with the spindle in the vertical plane;
Combined plane can be obtained only by combining with several types of cutters, while using horizontal milling machine. And high processing accuracy depends on the rigidity of the fastening of the cutters along the entire length of a given mandrel. And in any case, you cannot use different diameter cutters;
the Ridged handle end, and disk tools. The V-groove receive when working on a vertical milling machine in two ways. First make a rectangular groove with a conventional cutter. After that, the bevel groove machined carbide single-angle cutter;
Keyway is produced by application end or keyway milling using vertical milling machine.

When using solid carbide end tools, you should consider speed, depth, width of cut and feed. Depth of cut is removed during operation, the thickness of the metal. It is the size of the allowance. Stock is better to remove at once, that is one approach, if the efficiency of milling machine.

Supply when working depends on the passage of the workpiece per minute relative to the cutter, and during its turnover and by number of teeth. Filing on the teeth shows the consistency of the bit. To reduce the amount of working time, milling machine, apply maximum power to the teeth. The width of cut is, of course, the width of the surface, which process on the machine. It is parallel to the axis of the cutter of the machine. If you increase the width of the plane, respectively, and increased cutting job. Because of this reduced speed and increased wear of the cutter. Cutting speed when milling is the circumferential speed of the axis during rotation.

carbide cutter for stainless steel

There are special technical performance end mills.

fall Is the profile, i.e. the space between the workpiece and the cutter. on
Rear angle – the angle between the rear tool surface and edges. The rear corner has three varieties. This is a primary, secondary and tertiary corner. on
the Undercut is a depression in the front of the tool.on
Jumpers – additional slots in the body of the cutter. They help at the machine output of metal shavings. on
the angle of the groove angle, which is obtained by contact of the milling cutter and the outer surface of the tooth. < / span>

end mill for difficult to cut materials

in Addition to all the significant advantages of carbide end mill, there is one drawback. With long hours of work tool wear, and when re-sharpening loses its original size. That is, the mill is now unusable. It not fit for the exact size for the width of the groove, but is perfect for roughing. on
Also, when working on a milling machine you must carefully observe the rules of operation and safety standards. We should give the «rest» of the equipment otherwise overheating will go burn marks on parts and significantly change the resulting size when milling. If properly used, the tools, like milling machine, will last a long time.on


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