Drill Forstner

This drill allows you to drill very clean. Chips almost never occur due to the peculiar work of the cutting rim. The essence of the work of the Forstner drill bit – receiving holes with smooth walls and a flat bottom.

Drill bits Forstner

Bezel helps keep direction drill bits Forstner, but the rest of the drill tip keeps the direction. (By the way, drill Forstner achieve greater accuracy in areas where other drill «wrong»)

a Huge number of varieties of drill bits Forstner separately reminiscent of the original, invented by Forstera about 120 years ago.

As if that was not, in fact, the working principle is the same. The outer rim incision of the fibres of the wood at the edges, and disposing of the material in the middle with the implementation of the chip up to promote cutters with radial location.

These drills Forstner.

these drills have a small edge in the center and the outer rim. The rim in 2 places «tear» main blade (sharpened by hand).

These drills Forstner manufactured mainly in the United States. They are not manufactured by method of casting, as similar options, and are machined from steel (carbon steel). Due to the rather large thickness of the walls decreases overheating during operation, increasing the durability of cutting edges. Aggressive work, but the hole is quite clean.

If you need to drill a hole in thin work pieces – perfect these drills, because they have small Central point.

However, it is difficult not to notice the lack of drill – to carry out the hit in the center so the drill bit difficult, so focus on the outer diameter of the drill.

Modern drill Forstner.

the difference from the original drill – long edge in the center, but the back side of the inner blades in the rim did with the neckline. As a result, simplifies the machine sharpening of the inner cutters. And, as a result, the production cost is reduced compared to manual sharpening.

Forstner Drill bits with carbide cutters.

are Distinguished from other drill – stock soldered cutters (hard alloy) as cutters. The cost is high as the original drills.

Forstner Drill bit with Carbide cutters

Significant advantages – there is no overheating and service life longer than conventional steel drill bits.

But there is another side to the coin – due to the location of lateral incisors, namely, that they occupy a small portion of the circumference, as a result, drills are often subject to vibration and thus often break the surface when drilling at an angle or on the edge of the part.

Forstner Drill bit with the ring gear.

Drill bit Forstner, endowed with gear and cutters to the cutter rim, less overheating, since the contact material is small.

Forstner Drill bit with toothed crowns

This is a significant advantage if you need to drill a large hole. That is why drill having a diameter greater than 25 mm are manufactured with teeth like that.

the Flaw of such a tool may break during drilling under any of the corners or at the edge of the part.

Forstner Drill bits often are used for furniture production. They are great for working on wood.

This drill is also not a sin to use to get the holes for candles or to disguise the heads of screws.

Selection of drills depends on the frequency of operation of the given tool. For example, if there is permanent use with a limited number of diameters, it is your best choice to stop these drills Forstner. Well, if sometimes used drills of different diameters, it is possible to buy upgraded drill Forstner. For those who often make large holes to be drill Forstner with the ring gear.

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