Ukrainskoe aircraft pros and cons of Association with the EU

«the Ukrainian aircraft industry will benefit greatly from the adoption of the Agreement on the unity between Ukraine and the European Union, as aviastroenie Ukraine poluchit the latest technological solutions, enabling the development» – in the words of President-General designer of «Antonov» Dmitry Kiva published in the international Dubai Airshow-2018.

Dmitry Kiva

«there are Downsides, but pluses much more. I do not think it so terrible to promote Ukraine to the EU. We have to go to new technologies for development. Anyone who thinks that it is possible on older technologies, working with underdeveloped countries to develop, the outdated notions. Yes, it will be difficult, we are going somewhere to stumble, to bump into the wall, but to climb on, around and continue to go forward», — said D. Kiva.

According to him, the Ukrainian production will be competitive in the European market. In case if it is inferior it is necessary to improve its performance, to do everything to be at par with the best countries in the world. And from «marking time» with the old technologies that would benefit the state and development of its aviation industry will not.

Transport and regional passenger traffic — this is the niche which could easily take Ukraine, said the head of GP «Antonov». «Our niche is a transport aircraft and regional aircraft up to 100 passengers. For more, we do not expect, because in this case we enter in tough competition with kompaniyami Boeing and Airbus. And we have no chance to win, you need to really assess what is happening

as an example, was called An-178 – founded in 2010 With 1.7 m longer An-158 and allowing different versions to carry 80 to 100 passengers at a distance of up to 3 thousand kilometers.

EN 148

the Next version of the An-148 will be the business jet An-168 with additional fuel tank is capable to make flights of up to 7 thousand kilometers. This car its creators positioned as the aircraft of VIP-level, is able to expand the geography of flights by landing on airfields with poor infrastructure.




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