Brief overview of the news cutting tool engineering

In April submitted by the company SECO new high-performance alloy CH0550 on the basis of CBN for processing by the turning of materials with increased strength by the method of Kalki. This alloy is designed for continuous cutting of materials at high cutting speeds.< / span>

news in engineering

Also developed a new alloy TT8080 for machining stainless steel and heat resisting alloys. This alloy has a PVD coating. When compared with existing alloys TT8020, TT8080 tool from it has longer service life, which greatly reduces the machining process.

new alloy

a New alloy from the company SECO CH0550 is ideal for cutting at high speeds in conditions of continuous processing.

this month introduced a new system of the cutting tool with progressive method of coolant into the cutting zone under high pressure. A distinctive feature of this system is the ability to move quickly in a limited area of the cutting zone.

news in engineering

In recent years, increasingly new materials and coatings, and very rarely develop new tool geometries.

Source: catalog Seco Tools CBN Expert

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