Types of plumbing tools

the Basic plumbing tools are: files, vises, wrenches, scribers, wrenches, chisels, screwdrivers, hammers, table anvil, pliers, grinding machines.

File – this multiblade cutting tool used for machining metals. The essence of this tool lies in the layering and cutting. Consists of a cloth, on which there are notches in the form of cutting elements (sharp teeth) and a pen.


Vise –a tool that allows the capture of detail that allows you to perform various operations: planing, drilling, etc. the grip has two parallel lips. One jaw, and the role of the second pressing part with a screw. Bench vise mostly metal.


Adjustable wrench – this tool is used to rotate nuts, bolts. Has the form of a lever which has a fixed jaw and a movable jaw that has a comb.


Scriber is the tool by which cause a line using rulers, squares, templates.


Spanner — a tool used for screwing and unscrewing the threaded fasteners. The size of the throat defined by the standard in millimeters or in inches. There are several types of wrenches: solid, movable, compound, and special wrenches with a special profile.

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