Selection criteria thicknessing machine

I Can say that it is better to buy a separate and a thickness planer. For example, thickness planer Dewalt with a cast iron bed. The transfer of torque he is using a pair of V-belts, there is a function of self-sharpening of the paintings of the jointer, saws, and cutters.

thickness planer

for me Personally decisive in the selection of thicknesser machine it is important

— treatment width — not less than 250 mm

— as a long table up to 2 m

— the presence of 3-4 knives

— three phase motor 1.5-2.5 kW

— feed rate of no more than 5-6,5 m/min

When you communicate with the sellers thicknessing machines it turned out that matching these conditions planers are completely different, the original is a German machine manufacturer JET. Spare parts the firm orders from Chinese and quality control. The cost of these thicknessing machines around 50,000.

our planers firms – anchor, Stroysam. These firms bought from Chinese manufacturers of major components of machine tools (guides and shafts). Outwardly, the planer looks exactly the same, but the quality is worth 25% less.

I would choose for the following reasons — the entire tool needs to be very mobile and without problems to move freely in the Studio and over should be compact.

I Think the best choice for you thickness planer 442А, because in that case what can be improved.

this thicknessing machine is minuse:

1. complex Assembly of the machine.

2. littered with tables or curves with a deviation of approximately 0.5 mm.

3. the scale of the lying surface gauge +3 mm. is not convenient that all fasteners are bolts 10×12 and 14х17.

6. line to adjust the height and width of cut.

Here are the bolts

this machine should be changed:

Saw blade and knives, it is desirable to change the guide bar and make her a fixation at both ends with angle adjustment processing to put the scale of the surface gauge, to align the grinding table, to replace the adjustment mechanism of the saw table.

to provide a perpendicular, use the rip fence. These works are performed on the upper part of the machine, on the planer table. Then the Board can be rassasavatee, i.e. to put on the bottom table (there is an additional pull-out bracket that supports the workpiece), and prostragivat the second side Board is supplied automatically.

In this racemosum machine cutting speed here is one — and it does not depend on the number of knives. It only changes when you change the operating frequency of rotation of the shaft or the diameter.

Interchangeable blades

For house construction, furniture manufacturing, etc. — wonderful and very necessary thing.

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