Threading tools

depending on the nature of production, type of thread, size, dimensional accuracy and surface quality, as well as methods of their production all used threading tools can be divided into the following groups.
1. Tools with cutting blades, forming a thread with removal of chips. These include: nut cutters, combs and cutters, taps and threading round dies (chaser) and head, vortex high-speed heads, etc.


2. Tools, working by the method of plastic deformation of the material of the product. For example, rolling the die, rollers and thread rolling heads. These tools are especially widely used in mass and large-scale production in the manufacture of threaded parts and tools.
3. For cutting a relatively fine thread on hardened parts and tools, as well as to improve surface quality and increase the thread accuracy, a pre cut blade tool, find a large spread of single and multiturn grinding wheels.
From the first group of tools, threaded cutters and combs and cutters are respectively shaped cutters and cutters, about the structural features of which are listed above. A distinctive feature of the design of taps, die heads and thread rolling tool of their prevalence and , as well as their durability and reliability.

materials: Gigalo N. I., Kiselev V. V. design and manufacture of cutting tools.

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