Types of drills and their purpose

Drill bits are widely used in everyday life and in various industrial purposes. They are designed for making holes in materials of different types. The size of the holes and their depth depends on the characteristics of the tool used and the settings of the drills in this case should be considered mandatory.drill

Classification by type of processed material


For concrete surfaces.

For metal.


For tile coverings.

Drill bit used for making holes in concrete coatings, have a tip that is made of a metal alloy with increased strength characteristics. Products designed for regular drills have a shank cylindrical or polyhedral type. For drilling and drills drills are made primarily with cylindrical shanks. The products of this category are designed for shock-rotational equipment.drill


Drill bit for metal

Drill bits for metal can be called universal. They are used for holes in different materials that can vary in strength. Configuration most often castellated or stepped.

Drill bits for wood configuration not much different from products meant for metal. The only difference is the use for the manufacture of alloys with lower strength characteristics. They can also be spiral or feather type.


Drill bit for tiles have a carbide or diamond coated. This allows you to make holes with smooth edges without cracking the material. Configuration are pointed or castellated type.


depending on the type of drill bits can vary considerably in form. The most common are the step drills used for metal. The product is similar to the stacked cone and thanks to such design features is drilling and chamfering in a synchronous mode. For the manufacture of such products used steel alloys with high strength characteristics. Such drills rather quickly cut through material, resistant to constant high loads, a little blunt and therefore have a long service life. Are used, in most cases, to work with sheet metal. The products are designed for equipment that has high torque at low speed settings.

Quite often, to handle a variety of materials used core drill. Their use most efficient equipment with a magnetic base, but they are also used in conventional machines. With their help processing a wide range of materials and the main difference from other products is that when you are drilling the contour and not the entire area.


Features drills directly depend on the materials that were used in the manufacture. The most durable and resistant to permanent loads are considered special products designed for use in drill presses. Their tip is made from alloy which is resistant to high temperatures and friction. When working on the hammer drill performs a movement not only rotational but also translational, which ensures high speed processing of materials, but for a long time, you can only use special products designed for such work.


When choosing a drill, it is mandatory to take into account their strength and purpose. This depends on the efficiency of the production process.



wood Drill

the wood processing and furniture group, you’ll need a complete set of drills from 1 to 13 mm drill bit with reduced shank and other drill bits for wood of bigger diameter, it might be better to buy as and when needed. Fit only expand the range of use of the electric drill and are not considered to be a necessary workshop equipment, with one exception — the upright, which (if you don’t have a real drill press) needed for drilling holes, precisely in the direction of the surface of the workpiece.

Types of drills



Although twist drills designed to work on metal, they are versatile enough for General drilling tasks in wood processing. Drill of carbon steel are quite suitable for work on wood, but since you will almost certainly need at some point to drill metal, you should care more expensive drill of high speed tool steel).

twist drill bits with a diameter of 1 3-25 mm are made with reduced shank for standard Chuck. Keep twist drill bits sharp and before use clean them from the dust which can be engraved in the grooves. Twist drill bits are not easy to align when drilling, so working with hard rocks, it is useful to outline the center with center punch for metal working. Not to split the wood, remove pressure from the drill at the time of exit of the drill from the far surface of the workpiece or press the scrap wood to the back side of the part.

Center spiral drill

twist drill with a sharp tip in the center, he was taken to the side at the beginning of the work, and two spurs, which cut smooth edges.

Flat, or blade, center drill bits are usually called perovymi. They are relatively cheap and suitable for large holes from 6 to 38 mm. Long and sharp tip of the guide very clearly captures the center of the drilling, even if it is directed at an angle to the surface of the part.

Drill bits Forstner

Provide high quality work and is doing exceptionally flat and smooth holes with flat bottom. Are of a diameter to 50 mm. Drill bit does not stray knots and uneven layers of wood allows you to easily drill overlapping holes, the diameter of which extends over the edge of the surface of the part.

Perform a narrowing conical bevel under the screw head. First drill a pilot hole and hole clearance for centering countersink drill bits, then use the drill at high speed to obtain the net processing.


Combined drill countersink

Perform a single operation pilot hole, hole clearance, and countersink. Sizes available correspond to the most common screws.


Combined drills Cakovci

Work similar to the previous type but in addition smooth cicovacki drilled holes that can be closed with a wooden plug to hide the screw head. Mirror drill With their help make a cylindrical tube, exactly matching to the hole from cakovice drill. Cut cork wood, close the corresponding workpiece color and the texture.


Drill bits for stone — steel spiral drill made of tungsten carbide, is designed to execute holes in concrete, masonry, building stone and T. L.


Percussion drill

These drills on stone with impact-resistant caps that can withstand the impact action of the drill.


Saw blade drill bits

a Saw drill bit, or ring l Il, is a curved in the form of a ring saw blade, reinforced plastic or metal carrier Board. The fee is clamped on the shank of the twist drill, passing through its center.

Saw blade drill bits are sold complete with a set of diameters ranging from 25 to 89 mm. Clamp the drill shank in the Chuck. The saw blade will rotate with much greater absolute speed than the drill, so set the speed less than is usually used when drilling wood. At the same feed auger smoothly and evenly.


Fit for drilling


electric can install all the variety of tips-screwdriver with flat and Phillips tips of all types. You can screw the screws without drilling pilot holes and holes with a clearance, but it is often highly desirable to drill a pilot hole so the screw does not deviate from the desired direction, and the wood is not cracked. Tightening or screwing out of the screw operate at a lower speed all the time and press the drill so that the screwdriver doesn’t pop out of the slot of the head.


the Flex drive allows you to work in places that would be inaccessible to the drill. It consists of a Bowden cable (flexible sheath), which at one end is a spindle, and the other has a small cartridge. The spindle is inserted into the Chuck of a standard electric drill, which is ideally mounted on the desktop. The diameter of the drill chambered with a flexible shaft ranges from 6 mm. do8

device for drilling the flexible-shaft drive

Coarse grinding stones in the Chuck Flex drive is the perfect tool for handling complex shapes.

tools for selenia

Dowel jig

This template guides the drill bit according to the specified parameters pin connections and provides a drilling of holes for pins in both parts of such a connection without markup. Choose strong, carefully made jigs that can capture zelenogradskii bars and wide boards for furniture production. One of these structures provides the basic fixed head, which is counting all of the dimensions. The two steel rods it is connected with the movable head, clamping the template to the workpiece. Sliding for drill clamped on the rods in desired positions for drilling holes on the elements of a particular pin connection.

Too wide Board can be processed on the conductor is removed from the end heads. Pressing the side ruler guides the drill to the workpiece, drill or holes in the Board at the desired distance, each time locking the first guide pin in the last hole made.


Stand for boring machine

Vertical stand turns your portable electric drill in working the drill press. The pressure on the feed lever lowers the drill to the workpiece. When choosing fixtures give preference to models with a massive stem and a reliable clamping to the drill. It also needs to be broad heavy base that can bolt to the work table of the Slot in the frame will allow you to install a small vise to hold parts during drilling. They can also be used for fastening the makeshift wooden templates for drilling specific products.

depth Adjuster on the bar limits the stroke of the drill when performing blind holes. When drilling through holes place a scrap under the workpiece Board their plywood to prevent cracking of the lower surface of the wood.

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