Measuring tool for CNC machines

For CNC machine tools need on the one hand precise tool, and on the other hand, due to the ability of these machines to implement large number operations in a single setup,easy to readjust. In the measuring tool includes:calipers, levels, micrometers, depth gauges, templates, display stand, protractor, caliper indicator and micrometer, feeler gauges, end measures of length. Now let’s consider measuring tools separately and their application to mills CNC.

Machine OPTI F150

Measuring tool Vernier caliper

Caliper – used for measuring the linear dimensions of the outer and inner surfaces as well as to reproduce the dimensions to lay out parts for machining. NC is a better fit electronic gage for a more rapid determination of the correction for processing. For example, you received the item and after checking this measurement tool found that the fuller detail of 0.35 mm, which is very good, introduce a correction. After treatment check again and so until then yet do not get good detail. The price of division for electronic caliper is better to take not more than 0.01 mm.


Measuring tool level

designed to check horizontal location of the part in space. The levels should have high precision and applies to the installation and calibration of machine tools. The application level when checking the details have met very rarely and only when roughing.

Measuring tool level

Measuring tool micrometer

Micrometers are used to measure the length of the items received, you need to have a few if you make several sizes in a single setup and no time to configure it each time.

Measuring tool micrometer

Measuring tool templates

pattern is used for the verification of your account details given, use only in mass production. If the complex profile of the part and its need to test, just make a template from cardboard for 1-2 items is enough.

Measuring instrument indicator stand

When working on CNC machines front indicator is the measuring tool. It is used to measure the exact distance between the workpiece and the cutting tool or Assembly of the machine. She also checked the runout of the cutting tool, and sometimes perpendicular or axes of the workpiece and the axis.

Measuring tool protractor

is Used only when basing the parts for processing, can be replaced with a cardboard template.

Measuring tool protractor

Measuring tool caliper indicator and micrometer

Caliper measuring tool used for checking the diameter obtained after processing of the holes. Select the type of indicator caliper or micrometer depends on the accuracy requirements to receive the items.


test lead

Measuring probe performs the function of indicator stands, only more accurate due to automation and allows you to measure the distance between complex surfaces.

test probe

end measure of length

Limit measures are needed to check and configure all the above measuring instruments. Unfortunately once a year, or two years, depending on the number of dimensions, and the end needs to be checked, so it is better to have two sets one for work, another for checking the working set.

Set end action

Tried to describe the necessary measuring tool for a comfortable work on almost any CNC machine, if you have questions happy to answer them.

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