Boring machine classification and maintenance

Jig-boring machine similar to the milling machine, only much more precisely by the optical system instead of the usual limbs. Jig boring machine is designed for expand, drilling, countersinking and, of course, boring holes. The main objective of jig boring machine is to make holes with a precise relative position, and tolerances.

Boring machine,


Coordinate boring machine is a highly accurate machine, it is possible to perform operations of:

-bores in crankcases under seals, bearings without moving the center.

— — Drilling a variety of holes with great precision from one to another.

— Razvarivaya existing holes for a larger diameter without loss soonest.

— Grinding cylinder motorcycles.

Usually these machines have a complex rotary tables for drilling, boring holes with non parallel axes and high precision for marking on non-parallel planes.

Systems of reference of the tool motion of these machine tools has high precision, less than 5 microns. The corners are aged in fractions of minutes of degrees. Accuracy is the main feature of the coordinate boring machine.

typically, the jig boring machine is the tailstock which is based on a tool spindle. This complex system designed for a vertical load during processing. For this reason, you should avoid to use a jig-boring machine for milling. In the worst case allowed milling not big margins, and at minimum load. In addition to the quill of the machine may be vertical guides of the headstock spindle.

Boring machine old model


With the purpose of the jig boring machine is linked to the following limitations:

— Jig-boring machine must operate at a constant temperature – optimum temperature is 20 deg. Celsius, which allows to reduce deformation of the frame of the machine and the parts at different temperatures.

— Jig-boring machine must work in a separate room to reduce vibration from the Foundation.

This machine has a movable drive quill and significantly different from any milling machine high-class.

jig boring machine positioning accuracy of the table about 1 micron. This precision allows us to produce tooling, parts dies and molds — there must be openings at the mating parts, this is especially true when the items cannot be processed in conjunction with each other.

the Axis of the spindle in the coordinate boring machine strictly perpendicular to the table, unlike a milling machine, if you wish you can check and You will be amazed as significant differences.

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