The types of CNC milling machines wood

in order to efficiently conduct the processing of wood, now began to use milling machines with program control. Often treat shaped details made of wood. Ploskostei milling and processing of profiles milling various kinds of reliefs and three-dimensional milling parts — this is all made possible thanks to milling machine for wood CNC. Such equipment also certification is needed. The machine must conform to the standards and safety regulations. Next, we shall explain what is notable about the machine is wood CNC what types these machines are, consider the advantages of this equipment.

CNC wood

As we all know, early milling machines were produced, a number of operations such as: flat and profile planing. I mean, you can handle it was the edge of the workpiece. However, thanks to the special adaptations made possible the handling of bricks, sockets, grooves, eyelets. So, before us is a versatile equipment that performs a wide range of tasks. Such a machine is simply necessary for large enterprises. Small workshops will also be equipped with this equipment.

Next, we need to consider the design of CNC milling machines for wood. So the machine has:

with the caliper;

— bed;

— working Desk

— detachable spindle;

— shaft-spindle;

— a tool for cutting.

Milling machine with CNC

the hardware in question has a microprocessor with memory and operating system. The CNC machine allows us to solve several problems at once.

High performance — one of the major advantages of CNC machine. In addition, the cost of production becomes less, if such a machine is in the enterprise.

Next, consider the classification of CNC milling machines for wood

Domestic milling CNC machine for wood

Has a small speed machining and low power engine. There are tools that are compact, light. The machine has a complete set of low-frequency mechanisms. Equipment type — table type of device. Usually used if you want to process a small wooden item. Often applicable to young millers in view of ease of handling of the equipment.

Industrial milling machine wood CNC

Used when require continuous operation, which implies the auto mode. There are powerful motors, spindles and guides. The machine has large working field. Use this type of grinder if you want to perform high-speed process when processing wood. Precision machining — max.

key-cutting machine on wood

to Handle different patterns and elements — that’s the main purpose of this machine. The equipment will make several identical items. This machine is applicable when manually makes no sense to process wood detail. With the stencil machine makes the items one to one.Stencils usually plastic or wood.

milling machine

the basis of wood processing — profile method. The machine is capable of handling multilateral, screw and round parts. basically, there is the use of turning, the finger, or circular knives.

Industrial machine type

On this machine full automation of processes. Has automatic change of tools. Has a unitary type construction. Machining wood products can be five-sided. Surface quality is very high.

table milling machine wood

Similar to something with a manual milling machine. Most often used on small plants. Most often they are treated small pieces of furniture, slopes.

Also, classify milling machines CNC for wood a — vertical milling and horizontal milling CNC machines for wood. Due to the high accuracy and rigidity of the widely used vertical milling machines. On such machine processing surfaces at an angle. Therefore, this type of machine is often applicable. Vertical milling machine can process the base frame, grooves, stamps. However, in some cases, recommend the use of horizontal milling machines tree.

as for companies, particularly popular machines Corvette, Proma. Machines these firms also have specific tooling. So, for example, often the complete set of machine tools with CNC milling wood may include: wrenches, power cord, brushes, collets, water pumps, USB cable, vacuum pumps.

CNC wood

so, based on all the material that was presented above, it can be concluded that milling machine CNC wood often used for furniture. It’s safe to say that this equipment will allow you to obtain high-quality surface details, which is important for furniture production.

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