Milling machine CNC for tool production

The task was to run and help with the implementation of a router CNC in tool production. The choice of milling machine with CNC was pretty good.
General view of milling machine

I for the last 4 years have not seen a milling machine with CNC, which was better suited for work in the tool shop than DNN400а manufactured by DOOSAN.

the Main advantages of this milling CNC machine for the tool proizvodstva

1 Milling operation in tool production associated with the use of a huge number of cutting tools, the use of kulachkova mechanism, this milling machine CNC allowed to reach of tool change time of 1.3 s, which is not bad.

Change tool

2 the Eternal problem with the cleaning of the small chips obtained when machining large parts not solved quite simply — compressed air is supplied.

3 High speed milling machine with CNC, passport 40m/min (not measured with a stopwatch), which is enough.

4 Drop in the working area temperature for 5 days was 0.3 degrees, which I really liked, i.e. tuned and working without interruption. There is no need to worry that the size of the float.

5 Milling CNC machine gives high accuracy of processing:

Deviation from the roundness of 5.4 µm when machining end mill holes with a diameter of 16 mm in aluminum alloy milling CNC machine

the roundness of a surface

Roughness of machined surface of aluminium with a speed of 8000 rpm, a feed rate of 1000 mm/min is not more than 0.12 µm

the Roughness of the resulting surface

6 Increased rigidity of the frame and rack milling machine with CNC (frame and a monolithic reinforced ribs), which allowed me to handle on it dies and molds. Stand securely supports the table at any point of the stroke without hanging the console.

the Rigidity of the frame for milling CNC machine

All 7 axis milling CNC machine is equipped with rigid precision linear guides

8 High speed spindle: 20,000 rpm

9 Expansion Y-axis reduced by approximately 30% due to the withdrawal of air from the belt drive by using a standard fan

10 most milling CNC machine liked that it is equipped with a cooling system of coolant.

11 device for the automatic measurement of the items received, without removing details (without it you can work not present)

Measurement received

In my Opinion these are the most important parameters by which you want to choose a modern milling CNC machine for high production

In General machine I liked

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