In this article we will discuss a tool which has the form of a steel groove having a rectangular cross-section used for continuous breaking chips. This tool is Called a chip breaker.


so, we need to understand why you need breaker. Well for starters, remember that the shape of the chip should be easy to remove and safe for a person who works with the tool. The chips can represent individual pieces, short curls, having a helical or flat spring.

in order to obtain this chip you must use special methods for frizz or crushed chips. Namely, to obtain chips contribute to:

— a certain geometry of the cutting part of the cutter;

— anterior surface of the cutter should have ledges and holes;

— applied struzhkolomy;

— vibration cutting.

chip Breaker with a welded plate

so, struzhkolomatelja with soldered plate is used in a wide range of cutting conditions. Of course, without the disadvantages this tool has not done. A significant disadvantage is that the chip breaker is quite complicated to manufacture and also has difficulty regrinding. And besides, there is an increase in the consumption of hard alloy. The lack of versatility.

Invoice chip breaker

patch struzhkolomatelja device, independent from the cutter and fasten the caliper of the machine. Effective use under different cutting conditions contributes to the change of the ledge chipbreaker. But, by the way, overhead struzhkolomy not received proper application and dissemination because of their shortcomings. They are bulky, when you install there are different complexity.

Selection chipbreaker for specific conditions

of Course, there are different struzhkolomy. They are: the plate geometry with angles negative or positive, and form. For selection of the correct tool you need to start from the material being processed and the type of turning operation.



So, for example, if there is a finishing material, the chip control should be strict. And, of course, for this there are finishing struzhkolomy, which are applicable for small depth of cut (typically 1.5 mm) and low feed rate (0,08-0,03 mm/Rev).




the Front part of such a chipbreaker narrowed, there is a deepening. To all this, processing is done thanks to the large main front corner. But roughing assumes a negative angle. And it allows you to provide the necessary properties. Namely, increasing the edge strength. There is an opportunity to crush the chips with a large depth of cut.

In conclusion, we can say that, in principle, not so important the type of treatment, as the combination of different qualities and parameters. So, very important: the geometry of the working surface, the alloy coating and lubricant-coolant.

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