High efficiency cooking coolant

the Correct preparation of the coolant, as well as accurate measurement of its concentration is almost the most important task facing the experts in the field of metal.
each way of solving this problem has its positive and negative points. Let’s look at them separately.

not properly mixed coolant

Methods of cooking coolant

Manual batching cooking coolant

constant excess or deficiency of the dose;
large cooking time;
a dirty job with low security;
the risk of infection by contact with concentrated products.

Electric batching cooking coolant

impulsesthe mode and heterogeneity of the injection;
need a flow meter to support the required proportions in conditions of instability of water flow;
the risk of splashes of pure product in case of leakage in a pulsed mode;
the risk of contact with concentrated products.

Injection batching cooking coolant

Significantly depends on water flow;
Significantly depends on the viscosity of the coolant.
Significantly depends on the length of the suction tube;
Significantly depends on the pressure at the outlet.

Technology proportional batching cooking coolant

the action is Based on the technology of proportional dosing preparations of coolant

Installed in the water supply network is a device used water pressure as the only driving force. Driven with water it absorbs concentrated products, dose them with the desired percentage, and then mixed with passing through the device with water. The thus obtained solution of the coolant continues to move on the water supply network. The density of the injected concentrate coolant is directly proportional, at a dosing volume of water which passes through the device.

device for mixing fluids

Standard features of instruments for measuring the quality of the coolant by the method of proportional dosing

Performance settings –up to 3.5 m3 /h;
the percentage of the dosing device is from 1 to 15 %;
operating water pressure for the device is from 0.5 to 6 bar.

the Instrument for proportional dosing of cooking coolant often equipped with a special fitting for the metering system and larger diameter reinforced suction hose to ensure the accuracy of dispensing high viscosity concentrates around 850 SP.

There are several types of places to work proportional dosing preparations of coolant

1. A separate post with manual filling — which is a dispenser and a container of concentrate, where the mixing of the coolant. Is filled by hand, for delivery to the machine in the tank, will need to transfer the coolant in the tanks.

2. Mobile equipment — a dispenser and a container of concentrate placed in the cart, which is connected to the nearest transmission coolant and its content in this case occurs directly in the tank of the machine.

3. The Central supply system — a container of concentrate and proportioner, as in other things in the first embodiment, is located in a separate place, but the coolant is delivered to each machine via a private pipe.

Key benefits which I got by installing the device for the injection of the dosing preparations of coolant

a Significant decrease in bacterial growth and eliminating the problem of foaming of the coolant
Reduction of time for filling of containers of coolant
Reduction of clogging of the tool and the workpiece
reduce the risk of contact with the coolant.Here's what we now have clean coolant

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