Spherical mills for zirconium oxide

In this article, we will discuss with you the cutter used for such a material as zirconium oxide. By itself, the zirconium oxide is a high-tech material which is widely used in medicine, automotive and many other industries. And what mills can you handle this refractory material? Of course, come to mind spherical milling cutter for zirconium oxide. About their features we will talk further.

mill for Zirconia

To begin, we describe the process of working with the material and the properties that it acquires.

for example, if we need to obtain an object made of zirconium oxide, it should be remembered that zirconium oxide will contain aglomerarea supplements, so will the presence of auxiliary materials, which, incidentally, volatile organic compounds. Agglomeration allows you to delete them without leaving trace. Further, the material of course is subjected to pre-sintering. However, this does not mean that you lose the ability to processing of the material of the spherical cutter. So, to get any object that we cut out with a cutter from a block of zircon. Which is soft like chalk. Size rules as the 1/4 more than the planned facility. Further, again should perform the agglomeration, the temperature of 1500 degrees. In the end, we’ll get the final consistency of the material. For a certain period of time, our planned object shrinks by 20 percent. And then when there is a final agglomeration, the structure of the material takes those characteristics that we need. If you reduce the specific surface area, it is possible to say that there will be a compaction of the powder particles of zirconium oxide.

Often used for the processing of zirconium oxide spherical end mills. Consider some of them.

ball end mill for zirconium oxide (no coating)

This cutter has two cutting edges. These edges are particularly pointed.The cooling air, the dry milling.

ball end mill for zirconium oxide (diamond-coated)

This cutter has two cutting edges. A special feature of this mill is a high durability due to the fact that a diamond coating. The cooling air, the dry milling.

Spherical end mill for zirconium oxide

This mill has two flutes, spiral upward at an angle of 30 degrees. The cutter has a Central cutout. Has a torus-like profile.

spherical mill for Zirconia

Spherical end mill

Material mills — fine grained cemented carbide. The mill has two grooves. Has a field of 270 degrees, a Central cutout and a torus-like profile.

spherical mill for Zirconia

Usually used when you want to complete the undercut.

it Should be noted that the milling process should be carried out when the zirconium oxide is in a soft condition. This will allow to give the material such an important indicator as a strength, as it is followed by a sintering process material.

speaking about the cooling during operation, ball mill, we can see that it is possible, in principle, to handle the zirconium oxide without liquid cooling.

If the job is very demanding, for example, prosthetics, objects that are made of zirconium oxide, processed in mills, with a small diameter cutting tool.

In conclusion, I would like to note that the spherical milling cutters of zirconium oxide rather popular. Because the material is the ceramic equivalent of the steel, and thus is widely used in various industries. Therefore, the question of milling of zirconium oxide is sufficiently serious.

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