guillotine shears

guillotine Shears – a machine used for cutting thin sheet material into blanks of the desired size. Guillotine shears are applied at the enterprises of absolutely different scale, where they are used for cutting metal up to a thickness of 7 mm.

guillotine factory

the Use of guillotine shears due to the high quality and the ability to quickly carry out the cutting of leaf sections from aluminum steel, copper, brass, lead of zinc and even plastic. High efficiency and durability of guillotine shears is due to the simplicity of their design.

the guillotines are hydraulic, Electromechanical and manual

the Most frequently traded guillotine shears

Guillotine shears mechanical used to direct cross or of longitudinal cutting.

the design of any guillotine shears includes:

— one welded frame on which are installed the working area of the shears,

— a back stop for precision cutting process,

— table having stationary knives and cylinders, average the length of the table of the scissors can reach up to 3200 mm.

the Device and the method of operation of guillotines,

Frame of scissors, it is often welded, consists of left and right struts which are interconnected. Between the uprights is attached a table with the possibility of movement to adjust the clearance between movable and fixed knife of the guillotine.

Movable knife guillotine shears are attached to the knife shaft, which is driven via a lever mechanism, which, through axle, cylinders are installed in the brackets are firmly attached to the frame. Guillotine knife beam is moving vertically along the guide rails. As a rule, the guillotine shears have a pressure bar that holds the workpiece on the table, which is very convenient.

Approximate the characteristics of the most common guillotines quote below.

the Approximate characteristics of the most common guillotine

Knives for a guillotine in the manufacture of their enterprise have to undergo a special heat treatment to give a material of high shear strength and hardness. shear with hydraulics the most important thing is to have sturdy and heavy body to achieve high precision cutting. Knives aggregates generally consist of meter modules, which are made from high strength steel. Distinguish between knives for cutting of ordinary metals and very durable.

Knives for guillotine shears complex geometric profiles are manufactured on machine tools with numerical control, this allows to achieve the required accuracy and quality of the products obtained. Knives for guillotines in factories produced according to GOST 25306-82

One of the most powerful guillotine shears

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