Cylindrical thread milling cutters

In this article, we consider a cylindrical threaded cutters. Decide what functions they perform, where they are used, and which ones are.

Cylindrical thread milling cutters

so, first of all, you should understand that a cylindrical thread mill. A cylindrical thread mill is nothing more than a tool with a special cutting edge. You can easily argue that we see not only threaded multifunctional cutter, but resposbility tool.

Cylindrical thread mill can be:

— shell (in figure «a»);

— end (in figure «b»);

— for cutting tapered threads (in figure «b»).

types of cylindrical thread mills

These types of cutters you can cut the angled external and internal threads having fine pitch. To form teeth, the required slotted grooves (or straight they should be, or screw). To form the rear corners, there are the Archimedean spiral, which satelayt teeth.

as different tools a lot, let’s highlight several points that are quite useful when you select cylindrical, thread milling cutters. If we want to mill meet the highest performance standards, then here are some points that need to correspond to tool:

1. Load when cutting should be not only reduced, but also to have the distribution (it will help to protect the mill against overload);

2. Guaranteeing high surface quality;

3. With regard to the service life of the tool, it needs to be longer (it depends on what conditions, and what material processed).

as for the derived holes, cylindrical thread mill is designed for drilling blind holes.

the Process of machining cylindrical thread cutter

the process of work is carried out in accordance with certain recommendations. These we now consider. For thread milling cylindrical threaded cutter should be slowly rotated the workpiece (feed of 0.3–1.2 mm per rotation), and the tool needs to spin fast (60 rpm). In the initial period of the milling cutter in a radial direction cut into the metal. It should be noted that during processing of the workpiece, the cutter can move along its axis. To get the thread on the shafts, using a semi-automatic resipiratory machines used for short threads. The treatment process can be carried out for 1.3 trafficking, which carries the workpiece. The cutting edge of the cutter and Stripping where necessary a third of a turn.

Tool will allow you to cut inch and metric threads.

For the record, let’s consider a few guidelines when working cylindrical thread cutter.

1. You want the tool well enough took chips.

2. The surface must be high.

3. Cutting speed and feed, of course, to pick up individually for each material.

4. Special cooling is not required.

application field

Now we come to the application. Offhand, we can immediately say that the cylindrical threaded cutter is particularly well drilling plastic and non-ferrous metals.

Here we have considered a cylindrical threaded cutters. After everything written above, we can conclude that this tool has a niche in production. Because, directly, this tool will allow us to easily obtain the necessary holes, spending a small amount of time.

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