Spherical mills for non-ferrous metals

Обработка цветных металлов весьма интересная тема. И, как многим известно, для обработки этого материала хорошо подходят сферические фрезы. Следовательно, сейчас мы с вами рассмотрим, в чем особенности этих фрез, и какие из них чаще всего применимы.

фреза для цветного металла

so, spherical cutters for nonferrous metals have spherical cutting edge. Starting from the diameter, these cutters comply, usually with two or three cutting teeth.

For processing of surfaces from non-ferrous metal occupies a special place of the double spherical cutter. It is often used to process three-dimensional product. Treatment can be both rough and finishing. In the processing of non-ferrous metals by milling, it is necessary to consider that the cutter rake angle should not less than 10 degrees, and the rear not less than 15. Otherwise the cutter will not cut (it affects rake angle) and rubbing (it affects the back corner).

Additional manipulation of the material is not necessary, as the mill has a special structure, which allows us to avoid this moment. The double spherical milling cutter provides a smooth and polished surface. And all this is due to the fact that vibration with the mill are very small.

If we talk about prices and technical characteristics, we note that much depends on the material from which made the tool.

Content mills

Often used in the production mill, based on fine-grained alloy, for example, K10. So as we can see, that in such mills the price is affordable, plus a high quality of work. Good fit these spherical cutters for non-ferrous metals for novice users.

Spherical mills for non-ferrous metals based hard alloy, for example, К200 are more expensive. But if you talk about durability, it is significantly higher than the cutters of the fine-grained alloy. Since the price is high, these mills purchase mainly professional users. Since milling of hard alloy higher wear resistance and service life are also higher.

Types of mills

in Addition, widespread spherical end mills for metal. They help to groove in non-ferrous metal. Also, this cutter can handle the ledge, a T-shaped groove. Thanks to the spherical end mill, you can handle the high terrain, having a good surface quality. Roughing may not hold.

Shank these cutters are conical or cylindrical.

Usually, the material for the manufacture of end mills is tungsten carbide with ALTiN coating. Tool has high hardness, even small diameter cutters.

If it means a lengthy treatment of the workpiece, you can use 4-bevel spherical cutter with TiAlN coating. Usually used when high speed milling. Well, as has become clear, the cutter has four cutting edges.

Spherical mills for non-ferrous metals

These spherical cutters can be used for semi-finishing or finishing profile milling of metal.

If the task is to process a remote place, 2-fluted spherical cutters for nonferrous metals with an elongated shank. This cutter will have two cutting edges. Used in high speed milling.

Spherical mills for non-ferrous metals

and 4-fluted spherical cutters, 2-fluted spherical cutter can be used in medium or fine profile milling of metal.

As we have seen, the choice of cutters for the machining of non-ferrous metals is quite large. Therefore, based on some parameters such as: surface quality, material cutters, the cost, it is possible to choose a spherical milling cutter for metal.

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