Pozorisna mill

the Need for such recesses in the workpieces parts like notches, grooves appeared, we can say, along with the idea of the production of products, consisting of prefabricated structures. A groove or a groove called a notch in the part that can take very different forms. They are designed for fixing the two parts together. For example, a keyway on a shaft, which serves to secure a certain position the gears on it. Their processing is done by milling, which are called posereznee.slot mill

What Patrizia mill?


Almost all the varieties of this type of instruments represent the body rotation. Their main elements are the shank and the cutting part containing the teeth.


generally known posereznee mill of two kinds. First, it’s the disk. Used for milling edges and open surfaces of workpieces made of wood and metal. Their cutting part is a toothed wheel with cutters. Mounted on the spindle cylindrical shape. Groove for chip removal is usually done in the form of a segment acute angle.


the Second United by the General name of end mills. They are universal in application, and unlike disk, can be used for 3D milling of the billet. Composed of cutting part and cylindrical shank, which can also be conical.


the difference between Them consists in the following. Disc mill tooth width, and the resulting groove is the same. While end mills can process a recess in excess of their diameter.


Disk cutter is removable unlike limit, where the teeth and the shank is made solid. Due to this, the latter ensures better transmission of torque from the spindle to the cutting edge.


the Toothed wheel has because of design features can have a size smaller than the spindle diameter and double the height of the tooth. This improves the strength characteristics of the instrument allows to process at high speeds.

mill Pazova profile

Disc cutters can be mounted as one with two sides. Usually used for milling of shallow slots and profiled surfaces. They are indispensable when machining keyways are semicircular in shape.


Its detachable design allows you to unify a certain range of tools under one diameter of the spindle of the machine. For mounting end mills have to use adapters, washers, which is especially important in the case of using a conical shank.


Disk posereznee cutters handle groove in several passes. While the end in one go. In both types of tool direction of cut in the material of the workpiece coincides with the direction of rotation.

This is the cutter made from high speed steel and carbide cutters of metals.


Where used posereznee mills?


the Need for such a tool has a place in almost any human activity. In particular, they are used in the following industries:

woodworking industry;

furniture manufacturing

— instrumentation;

— Avia — and mechanical engineering, etc.


Used for milling slots and grooves with different profiles of the resulting surfaces. With their help, processing occurs ledges, open, semi-open and closed surfaces.

Varieties paportnik mills


As mentioned above, there are two most common types of these mills, called disc and end. It is advisable to consider their views in more detail.

Receiving grooves in metal workpieces is a particularly challenging job that requires a good tool. Here are proven end mills.


the depending on the design parameters, they can be divided into:

— with cylindrical or conical shank;

— with straight or spiral flute;

— shaped.


Slot cutters with cylindrical shank are used for the treatment of small grooves and protrusions, as well as soft materials. For example, wood, plastic. Taper shank is used in diameters over 20 mm, and optionally machining the deep slots in which the cutter has been experiencing high vibration and side load. The shank, usually in the form of a cone Morse.


Structurally cutters for soft materials have one tooth. But unlike the standard single-toothed, upper part has a flat angle. This milling cutter cutting edges located on the cylindrical and end surfaces.

For the treatment of shallow grooves and recesses used cutters with straight flute. For deeper grooves are used, the cutter having a spiral groove. The angle of the screw can vary in the range of 30 to 45°. Its presence allows you to more smoothly complete the processing and to reduce vibration. Such a helical flute transports the chips up and out of the working area, which positively affects the accuracy of processing and service life of the tool.


For curly slotting and square shoulder milling using shaped mills posereznee. Its shank that usually has a cylindrical shape. The cutting part is made in the form of a body of revolution with the profile. The profile section is a collection of semicircles and straight lines. Cutters are made of hard metal and the tool body of tool steel. For a cleaner treatment cutting edges can be diamond coated.

in Addition to the above, produced such slot cutters, which are used to produce T-shaped grooves type «dovetail».

Disk posereznee mills


the Main feature of these cutters is that they can be used in all machining modes. They do not exist, for example, such problems of approach to the workpiece. They are effective when milling long and deep grooves and grooves, and including keyway on the surfaces and on the inner side, for example, pipes.


They can vary according to such design parameters as the profile of the teeth, the angle of the tooth surfaces to the plane of the workpiece. The profile of the teeth can be almost any, depending on requirements. This video, semicircle, cone, pyramid.


the Angle of the front surface of the tooth is 15°, and the magnitude of the clearance angle is 20°. In General, these values are constant, although the order may be other corners cut. The angle of inclination of the cutting edge to reach up to 30 degrees.


Made of high speed steel. To increase strength in the alloy may be added cobalt, molybdenum. In these mills the teeth are located only on the cylindrical surface of the wheel.


To handle multiple parallel grooves are used prefabricated disc cutter, which increases the overall processing speed of the entire workpiece.

For milling grooves across the grain of wood between the standard teeth of the wheel provides for additional cutting. This allows you to groove with smooth edges. This also increases the service life of the cutter.

typical pozorisna mill

overall disk posereznee cutters are more resistant to temperature stress than the limit. However, given that these instruments be operated at rotational speeds over 10000 rpm, the required cooling of the cutting and removal of her chip. For this purpose, emulsified liquids and compressed air.

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