Modern turning and milling machines

large enterprises one of the most popular machine tools is a lathe and milling machine. The machine is so profitable and use that sometimes, it seems indispensable to the production.


lathe milling machine


so, by itself, the turning milling machine is an industrial equipment combined. Such a machine allows to handle shapes and a flat surface, body rotation, and the ends of the gears. In addition, this machine can make: turning and boring products of different shapes, chamfers, drilling and threading.


lathe milling machine


And, of course, there are various types of turning and milling machines.
you can select constructions who may have such equipment:


Console lathe milling machine.

the machine features a massive bracket, fixed rails on the frame and serving as supports for the table. The console allows you to move the workpiece vertically, longitudinally and transversely.


Beskonsolnye lathe and milling machine.

In this machine cross table mounted on a stationary base frame using the sled. Well, due to the fact that the console is missing, the workpiece can only be moved longitudinally and transversely

in Addition, turning and milling machines vary types of operations:

Horizontal lathe and milling machine.

this type of machine the spindle Assembly has a horizontal arrangement. The workpiece can be fed: longitudinally, transversely and vertically. This machine can perform turning and milling surface treatment.

Vertical turning and milling machine.

this machine has a spindle, respectively, the vertical location. (In some cases includes a swivel mechanism). This machine can carry out turning and milling of grooves, corners, etc.

Longitudinal lathe — milling machine.

This equipment provides that the workpiece can be fed only longitudinally. Process product possible with the use of 2 or more cutters and cutters. Basically, longitudinal lathe — milling machine is carried out cone turning parts.

Copy lathe and milling machine.

this machine copy probe or photocell is connected with the Executive body (either a cutter, or a cutter). This machine replicates the same kind of parts: molds, turbine blades,forging dies etc.

Universal lathe and milling machine.

such equipment is carried out turning and milling products. Well drilling can handle horizontal fittings vertical, screw blanks, slots and more.


turning milling machine


for all these reasons, we can conclude that of course a lathe and milling machine plays a significant role in the production due to the fact that this equipment allowed to perform the work of turning and milling at the same time.

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