Mini lathe

Mini lathe for metal is a machine that processes metal moving cutter (operate it can block or master).

Mini lathe

the leaves of the mounts (4-6) and the drum form a boss to which is fixed the workpiece.

Standard mini lathe to metal should be with two mounts (left and right sides, respectively).

the Very model, which may have cylindrical or rectangular shape, attached to the left side. To the right, attach a drill.

because of this, the machine can simultaneously mill the workpiece to cut the inner recess.

mini lathe

Mini lathe for metal, Korvet-401 — the most common in the Russian press.


the Moving axle is designed to work with metal. You can work with different cutters: transverse, longitudinal, threaded, angled, etc.

Build a mini lathe

Consists of:

Cabinet-cabinets, which provide storage of the electric motor and the transmission element movement;

— the workspace where the processing of the metal;

— the trough that serves for accumulation of debris and shavings;

— rods passing through the entire workspace. They set a moving cutter.

Household mini lathe metal

Presented in a plain metal table. The motor is mounted under the table. On top of the table is provided with a cutting base.

Power the machine from the mains 220 volts. This limits the capability to select the speed of wrapping of the rotor. A test control unit is used to reduce the number of revolutions.

screw-cutting Lathe mini lathe

CNC Lathe and milling vertical bed type — blend of these machines and is a screw-cutting lathe mini lathe.

This equipment can be used for machining, cutting internal holes, and milling a final machining.

Miniature mini lathe

this type include lathe Proma SV-250m. Lathe milling machine with small capacity.

In a lug secured only a small billet (70 mm).

a Workbench Bosch is small in size, but can handle a billet of 140 mm. To perform cutting and vertical drill works can also be used. Has a high cost.

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