Diamond tool

Modern living conditions dictate the high quality standards of processed products. This is accomplished with a carbide and diamond tools, which allow to obtain surfaces with very low levels of roughness.

At the same time to maintain competitiveness need to strive for unification in the process of production.

This is true for any kind of business. There are types of works where required to drill different holes in the same plane, and at the same time chamfer. Require several types of instruments, which entails the need to periodically stop processing.

diamond tool

Here comes the drill speed metal. This tool is a kind of cone drill. What is the drill speed in metal?

Drill speed metal


This drill is a body of rotation with the cutting device in the form of a cone. Its main feature is the design of the conical part, where each tier has a diameter that corresponds to the standardized size of the drill bits.


Shank has a cylindrical shape. Also available in models that have a cross-section is a Pentagon. The second are used when you need a more reliable fixation tool.

Each step of the drill is cylindrical in contrast to the bevel where the cutting part has a form of whole cone.

Cone shape allows for better alignment and, consequently, lower radial runout.

the Groove often has a straight shape, although there are models with a spiral profile. Video is more easy for maintenance.


metal Cutting is face cutting edge at the beginning of each stage. They are formed by the longitudinal groove of the cone. And cutting shape can be different. For example, drill for diameter 4 to 12 mm have a flat grinding the sides of the cone, and over 6-18 mm are milled at a right angle.


This unification allows to drill holes of different diameters without changing the tool. This is especially true in mass production.

However, because of the design of the drill processes the workpiece at a strictly perpendicular position, which can be attributed to its disadvantages.

diamond tools

In General, these instruments show good performance in processing sheet blanks of small thickness. Used in the processing of wood, plywood, concrete, metal, plastic.


Where to use diamond tools?


Diamond tools apply to solid carbide tools. They are used for grinding and milling in the woodworking and furniture industries, in oil industry, in the manufacture of medical instruments and optical devices and also for processing of superhard materials.

They are used in cases that require finishing of the surface. While it is possible to obtain purity up to grade 10. What are diamond tools?


varieties of diamond cutters


depending on the number of teeth and form the above works, diamond tools can be divided into one — and two mills, polishing mills and cutters. The material of the cutter acts polycrystalline (PCD) and single crystal (µa) diamonds, which are obtained by artificial means. Their application allows to increase the resource tool. It is advisable to consider them separately.


single-tooth Diamond cutter (PCD)


These cutters are similar to standard end mills, but in contrast to the welded tooth cutter of PKA. In turn, the cutter is a plate in the shape of a rectangle, square.

Often the tooth is performed according to the scheme 1+1, that is posted to the working length. And posted elements have a counter-directional arrangement.

This allows you to smooth the edges of the edges when machining particle Board (chipboard). The groove has a spiral shape. Of the disadvantages of mills can be noted that it is very sensitive to runout of the spindle.

For slotting cutter is used with one tooth with a straight groove. Unlike the previous embodiment, the tooth is made solid.


two Diamond cutters (PCD)


This tool is analogous to a single-toothed cutter, but has one tooth more. In this regard, her teeth and the groove are smaller.

Teeth are made according to the scheme 2+2. Due to the geometry of the working part in a single pass removes less layers of the workpiece, and the chips it turns out smaller. And it is thrown straight up with great speed.


Diamond polishing cutters


these cutters are designed for polishing surfaces of materials such as stainless steel, acrylic, plexiglass. Are a kind of end mills.

Cutting part made in the form of cutter of the crystal of PKA. His face sharpened at an obtuse angle, which gives additional strength. The groove generally has a straight shape.


Diamond polishing tools (MCA)


These cutters are used for turning workpieces of non-ferrous metals, acrylic. The cutting part is very small. The cutter has a cutting edge with a radius of curvature less than 1 micron. This ensures that the roughness of the machined surface above the 10th class of purity.


Profile cutter edges can be of three types. The first has an angle of inclination of the edge 40° to the workpiece plane, and in the end it turned flat plot with a size of 0,3 mm. the Second is made under the form of a facet with an angle of 45°. The third profile has a curvilinear form. Here the angle of the edge is 40°, and treated under the edge radius of 0,5 mm.

diamond tools

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