Milling machine for home

Recall that the rigidity and precision milling machines, and any machine are in direct proportion to its weight. At speeds of movements of the machine of NGF and its weight is low, can not be less. Using a milling machine may produce a variety of works on processing of metal, and when using mills with CNC in the home, the value and production of Your work is multiplied.

Schematic view of the milling machine of small size

you First need to determine why the need for a milling machine, answering the questions:

What you need to perform operations on a milling machine?
In what sequence are performed milling operations?
What is the frequency of the repetitive milling operations in Your manufacturing cycle?
How long it takes to perform each of the perform milling operations?
What materials will be processed?

I chose a milling machine according to the following principles:

1. The size of the workpiece on a milling machine

the Item has to fit on the desktop of Your milling machine for the home. So you need to pay attention to the height from spindle to table. If you have to use a rotary table or vise, fold height and the height of the workpiece, to check that they are not in your way. For example, I have a 60 mm vise on a milling machine distance from spindle to working table 130 mm, which will allow to process part with height of not more than 80 mm.

2. Capacity milling machine for home

be Sure to consider the power characteristics of the equipment. If there is a constant daily for 2 hours, you should choose a more powerful machine. In addition, it can remove more layers of material in a single pass, so the work will be done much faster.

3. Machine connection in Your home

by Purchasing a milling machine for use in the home, you need to pay attention to the voltage. Not always it is possible to connect a milling machine, especially at home, to a three-phase network (380 V). So often I have a machine running on 220 V.

4. Diameters drilling

In the passport of the machine often indicate the maximum hole diameter that can be obtained in steel. For plastic it will be at least two times more. This parameter is particularly important for those who will heavily use the unit for drilling holes. The maximum diameter of the cutter determines the width of the cut layer of material in a single pass.

5. Weight milling machine

it is Known that the heavier the machine for milling, the higher the rigidity and absence of vibration ensures a high processing quality, which is especially important when working at home. Machine weighing 300 kg or more are used in the manufacture. For household tasks their milling capabilities redundant. So you can easily purchase a light table model, weighing about 50 kg. If the workshop you will handle large parts, buy fixed installation weighing more than 100 kg, but pre-plan how you will make and place the machine in the workshop, especially if the room is on the first floor.

types of milling machines for home can offer

Lviv milling machine 6Е463. Weight will be about 250 kg and small dimensions.

Milling machine 6Е463

Milling machine SRS-02 manufactured by the Vladimir factory «Micron» has a weight of 200 kg. Cross table of that milling machine has a mass of about 50 kg. the guides he guarded.

As an alternative to a milling machine С169, has the same characteristics as above described machines. Production equipment milling machines significantly increases the speed and accuracy of operations. This means that working with this equipment, you perform the task quickly and in the most a shorter period.

milling machine this series (small) used at the time and an experimental production and was distinguished by great accuracy.

the characteristics of these milling machine

Weight about 250-350kg

the size of the table 350х140

vertical longitudinal transverse 200 220 80

the Price of division of the longitudinal motion on the transverse limbs 0,02 0,02 0,01 and vertical

Motor 1.5 kW

If you need to handle complex surface here is need milling machines for more modern and preferably with CNC.

Milling machine Lynx 3D allows you to process 2D and 3D surface. Feeding machine is of linear ball bearings. Control system of milling machine uses standard G-code programming can be realized in the complexes of Adem and Pro-E .

Lynx Spindle 3D

Other milling machine Rabbit SF fitted with end contactless sensors greatly extends the service life of the machine.

Milling machine Rabbit SF

Creating the control program for that milling machine Type3 in the program, and transfer the created files to the machine using NCStudio. Actually, these programs are not very complicated and problems with the development should not occur.

window системыFlexNC Studio

These milling machines operate from a network of 220 watts. Mechanical design of milling machine consists of stepper motors and ball screws and linear guides with steel ball scenes. Control of mechanical system milling machine comes with the computer. This milling machine has a weight of 370 kg.

I Think it is quite obvious that the introduction of manufacturing equipment chosen to fit Your milling needs leads to the fact that Your work becomes profitable, increased competitiveness of manufactured products.

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