Manual profilekey

Sometimes in the construction of any structures or, for example, of the chimney, it is necessary to bend the metal. Use special tool — profilage. It should tell you First about what it is and why it is needed.< / span>

Manual profilekey

What is provileges?

First of all, this tool is used when creating different kind of profiles, and for laying pipe under water and gas. It can be used for bending large quantities of materials for different needs. This can be channels, beams, pipes and more. With this device you can bend oblong solid object 360 degrees. Can capture as part of the procurement and the whole of it, if it is, of course, it’s not.

Manual profilekey
If you want to bend any desired angle, it often goes hand profilelab. With its help it is possible to roll the billet without heating, which is very useful in some situations. Can be obtained as the symmetric part and asymmetric. It all depends on the professionalism of the person working on such a device.
you Can even make out of the pipe, for example, or from the profile of a circle of the desired diameter, if that is necessary. Simply put, profilelab is a tool with which you can create, bended to the desired angle, the parts from different kinds of materials.

Manual profilekey
If you consider classification of these devices, then you can bring the list

— electric profilekey;
— hydraulic profilekey;
— manual profilehere.

Manual profilegap

All of them vary by design, but the goal is all the same.


What are the manual profilehome

it Should tell you about the structure of such a device. Most often it is the machine with any kind of actuator. Design is mobile, lightweight and small size. These properties will be useful in everyday life, it’s not always a place under a huge factory machine for rolling. Can be used special nozzles to achieve certain goals. The location and shape of the upper roller can also vary depending on the needs.


Views top roller profilehome

only movable upper roller. Most often used when creating spirals;

moving is the lower side rollers. The main goal is the bending of profiles of large dimensions;
all the rollers can move. This kind of machine is very complicated in structure. It has all the advantages of the above and is a universal tool;

All depends on the imagination of the expert creating the device. Such devices can make yourself or buy in the store.



it is Possible to classify manual profilegap and by other criteria:

Methodology of the first embodiment is that the workpiece moving rollers, which squeeze it the right way. Treated profile or a pipe bend around a stationary frame. The angle is usually not more than 180 degrees.

the second is that they bend the pipe with a special device at a specific location. Socket in this case moves to the workpiece. The chance of occurrence of folds and unnecessary vigevani tends to zero. To use such a device even with one hand.

Third option — hydraulic profilelab. Used for bending very thick materials. When working on the aid of hydraulic pistons that create the pressure on the workpiece in several tens of tons. The angle of this treatment is about 180 degrees.

Sale of profileb


Where are the manual profilehere?

the short answer to this question, that in a large number of fields. If you list it construction, sports, petrochemical industry, furniture manufacturing, electric vehicles, automobile. Production often used by the huge automatic machines, but not without the manual, which are unique and indispensable helpers.

When you use profileyou you can make wonderful designs. It could be frames, greenhouses, and carports, and gazebos. The scope is enormous and limited only by the imagination. If, for example, you need to create any item containing vignette, profilelab will become an indispensable tool.



it is Worth to mention that when using the manual devices, there will be disadvantages. First and foremost is the radius of bending. It for non-automatic camera control is almost impossible. You need to celebrate the fact that requires the application of a huge amount of effort, if hydraulic manual profilehere at hand.
Very often the craftsmen to create a similar kind of device with his hands. They have different structures, but the principle works about the same. The difference is most often applied in efforts. Try to reduce the applied force by any means: changing the size of the rollers, the handle can be moved to different positions, changing the position of the rim.


If to compare automatic and manual profilekey, it would be difficult to say which one is better. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.


Devices used in manufacturing, often have a huge size and cost quite a lot. Hand-held devices may be placed, for example, in the car trunk and easy to use in the garage or any other small rooms. The price of such devices may vary from zero to several thousand. It all depends on where to buy or what material to do it yourself. Fortunately, in the Internet you can find a lot of manuals and illustrative video instructions on this topic. you Can even find drawings with detailed explanation. In the end, everything turns out already ready to create privilegia, except, of course, of the material.

the Most simple design, thanks to its beshitrosno and cheapness of their production in the short term instantly start bending.


Manufacturer profilehere for processing profiles and pipes less than 19 mm

Profilekey profile is less than 19 mm are outrageously basic design. You can make a simple design which includes the concrete base and locked in steel pins. It is between the pins will be bending metal.

Before beginning work, it is necessary to condense a portion of the soil of the small size. Further, this site covered it with gravel and poured a concrete solution, comprising mixing of sand and cement (4:1 ratio). Before you pour the mortar from the concrete, you need to fix a couple of channels or pipes with a minimum diameter of 60 mm. at 90° with the base surface, with the distance between them is 3.5–4.5 cm
allow the concrete to dry for 2-3 days.


Method of use received by profileyou

Bend profile is inserted between the facing over the concrete base by the pin and bend to the desired angle. It is very convenient that such a tube Bender, which we did by hand, very good used for bending of parts made of stainless steel.


Manufacturer profilehere for bending of profiles and pipes greater than 19 mm

For such diameters homemade provileges will be a little harder to izgotovlenii. Its production is also associated with the pouring of the concrete base (as in the example above), and then fixing the two metal pin with a circular cross section. The bars in this case are the axles for mounting them on rollers with the dimensions of the grooves corresponding to the diameter of the bent profile.


Method of use received by profileyou

Profile put between the rollers and fixed at the end. The other end by means of a cable secured to the winch. The winch generates the required force to accomplish the bending process.


Blueprints for making a homemade bending machine

drawing profilehere

In this drawing, you can make your own hands the pipe bending machine almost any section.

This device consists of three rollers, two are used for support, and the latter is the working shaft. Working roller deforms the profile gradually to obtain a bend with the desired settings. Smooth action on the bend profile is created by the fact that the working roller has some free play, which is specifically limited to guides.

Design a homemade bending machine

1, several plates of thickness 4 to 7 mm;

2 base plate;

3 four corner with a length of 29 cm, with shelves size 4.9 cm;

4 main roller;

5 auxiliary rollers.


the Manufacturer profilehere the drawing

To the plate (1) two of the welded area (3), which will continue to have the function of directing. To the plate (1) using bolts, attach the auxiliary rollers (5). To the bottom of the base to increase rigidity two welded area (3). And to the upper ends of guide angles welded plate with a hole, the diameter of which is larger than the cross section of Your screw, used to obtain the desired pressure on the bend profile.

Further installation of the working screw. The lower part of the screw is rigidly connected with the working roller (5) forming the desired curve profile.

Machined profile is moved using the handle or using the electric drive.

After profilelab assembled according to the drawing, it is necessary to conduct a trial bending metal to adjust all elements of the device, and only after that it can be used for the purpose.< / span>

homemade profilage

In conclusion, we can say that the manual profilekey have a large number of pros and they are quite mobile. The popularity of such devices grows every year.< / span>


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