The die for threading

Die or lerka is a tool for cutting external threads on parts. Varieties dies there are many, will tell you about the ones that are most often used at home and at work.

Die for threading

All dies used in conjunction with plasmodesmatal is a device for the clamp.

Plasmodesmatal suitable at the same time under several diameters of the dies for threading. Lerka is placed inside placodermatous and is clamped by a screw, under which there is a special recess.


PlasmaterialDies with metric thread

For cutting metric threads have a special metnicheskie dies. Metric is measured in millimeters, and the marking is the letter «M».

Like M6 or M8, it means that can cut the threads with a die 6 mm and 8 mm.
Dimensions standard plasek for threading starts from 1mm to 60mm.
thread pitch is the distance between the turns. Each die has a main pitch and several additional, but more less of the main pitch.
for Example take the plate M 10. Its basic step is 1.75, but it could be M10 x 1.5, M10*1, M10*0.75 M10*0,5. With the reduction step, the threads are located closer to each other.

Die German production

Die left-hand thread

the Left-wing die is used very rarely. This lerka is indicated by the letters «LH» and it is used for cutting left-hand threads in the joints that rotate. Left thread they need to prevent unwinding of rotating parts.

Dies with inch thread

Pipe dies are marked with a letter «G» and measured it in inches. Let me remind you that 1 inch is equal to 25.4 mm

If you convert millimeter to inch, we have

15 mm pipe – ½ inch
20 mm – ¾
25 mm – 1 inch
32mm – 1 ¼
for Example G 1/2, G 3/4 dies I used for water supply systems of residential houses, and trubye tapered threads are applied under cone production, for fuel pipelines Il to connect the nodes of the machine. In these dies the title has the letter «K».

the Dies for threading made of high speed steel.

Among the modern manufacturers are well established Lviv tool plant and the plant «tulamash» .

Approximate prices in 2016 in rubles

M8 – 80
M14 – 90
M27 – 240
M48 – 570
G1/2 – 130
G3/4 – 170
G1 – 230
G2 – 840

the Variety of the dies for threading

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