Design cutting machine

When working with metal, always need his treatment and cut, this is designed with special cutting machines. These machines are used both at home and in large enterprises and factories.

Cutting machine

Cutting-off machines of this type represent device, transverse cutting of metal constructions, for example for procurement of angles, channels, rods, I-beams and similar products.

Cutting machine has a purpose for cutting parts from virtually any metal. They can be cut at right and acute angles. With the help of the cutting machine can cut and cut pipe.

the main element of a cutting machine is an electric motor, and the cutting disc, which connects through gear or belt transmission. Each gear has its cons the pros. Belt drive with belt is characterized by a quieter running and greater resistance to overload, so it emits significantly less noise.

Gear occupies much less space and is therefore suitable for self-made cutting machines. So the type of transmission cutting-off machine is very important.

Selecting and cutting machine

When choosing a cutting machine, I recommend to pay Your attention to the following features of the machine. In addition to the above characteristics, the type of transfer that will tell about other features of the equipment.

motor Power

engine Capacity – this criterion directly affects the performance of the machine. Cutting machines have a high power of around 2200 watts.

the Number of revolutions of the disk

the Next important characteristic is the number of revolutions of the disk. The higher the speed of rotation of the cutting disc, the speed of the cutting machine will be higher. With the increase in speed increases the surface finish in parting.

disc Diameter and cutting machine

the Maximum size affects the maximum height of part that can be machined on a cutting machine. Moreover, the dependence of the height of the part from the diameter of a circle are directly proportional. Basically, these machines have disks with a diameter of about 350-450 mm.

Corner cutting

One of the important characteristics is the cutting angle that determines the position of the workpiece for cutting relative to the disc. This figure can be adjusted from 90 degrees to 45 degrees.


the weight of the machine depends on what the vibration will be from the equipment.

Cutting machines have the following classification depending on the number of cutting heads

Cutting-off machines vary the following parameters:

-feed method of circular saw blade,

the number of cutting heads,

-the possibility of cutting under the adjustable angle.

depending on the number of spindles for grinding wheels, cutting-off machines are single and double head machines.

Dvuhklavishny machines, unlike single head cutting machines have two cutting tool that can cut any frame profile in one pass. In this machine, one spindle is stationary and the other can move to the desired distance.

Cutting machines klassifiziert for filing cutting tool

These machines come with a pendulum flow, or simultaneously with the front and bottom. Have a cutting machine with swing filing grinding wheel is fed from the top. If the machine is only one tool, the cutting wheel is supplied in manual or automatic mode. head machine tool supply saws is carried out only in automatic mode.

cutting-off machine with frontal feed often embedded program memory segments for different types of designs of Windows and doors. In some cutting machines in the memory it loads the map cuts that significantly distinguishes them from improvised cutting machines.

the Manufacturer of the cutting machine of their own.

many people Have the question how to make a cutting machine itself?

To do this you need: area, drill a channel toatuska, shaft, bearing couple, electric engine cooking apparatus, pUskova chain,machine for the layout of wiring is needed button and electroceramica.

First, the frame is made of frame size 400 — 600 to 1200 millimeters. Material for the frame is a corner grinder cut billets and welded together. Then to reprivatizatsija feet area or profile. Then on top of the table privateprivate the channel performing the function of a guide. It also serves to strengthen the frame, after it bolted a pair of vertical riser.

Cutting machine

to make a cutting machine you need from a shaped tube measuring about 60 by 45 to cook the second frame, designed for mounting on her the shaft to the cutting disc and motor. With the rear of welded frame will need to install a swivel plate which carries the motor. Moschnost motor you need to take for self-made machine is not less than 2.2 kW.

Cutting its own production

shaft Design for improvised and cutting machine and how it mounts to the base I think can be tweaked. The main site machine is a belt drive rotation drive from electric motor that will do better specialist in any plant. Working shaft with bearings, a pulley under the belt and flanges under the disc it is better to order a specialist, it is necessary to make the protrusion flange Ø32 mm.

On the shaft to be installed in the pulley and pillow block bearings the whole structure must be installed in socket plates and the upper frame. Stand need to soedinenii a shaft diameter of 12 mm with wearing it with a bushing with minimal clearance. This bushing is welded a yoke of a channel with a size of 800 mm below the shoulders leveler were in the ratio of 1 to 3.

Made with his own hands cutting machine

Move the rocker arms ogranichivaetsya chain, engine side is mounted a spring to facilitate easy return.The motor is mounted on the lower part of the rocker arm, a work shaft for the most part. Transmission of the movement of the cutting disc is made by means of a belt transmission. Withtol be manufactured from planed boards, and then cover with plywood.

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