Why you need a diamond drill bit

Diamond drill bit is used in the treatment of such a highly hard material, like granite. For example, if you want to get in a tile hole, then use diamond drills. But let me tell you more about the types of drills used for drilling granite. Very often used for processing diamond drill bit circular.

Diamond drill

Tubular diamond drill bit

Also sometimes used tubular diamond drills that can be matched to any size. If you want to receive the large diameter hole, in this case, use the diamond ring nozzle with the right diameter.

Diamond crown

Diamond drill bit

Different manufacturers of cutting tools made drill bit with a completely different geometry of the cutting portion and depth of coverage of the diamond cutting part of the drill.

the question Often arises: «How to drill granite and what it is better to use the auxiliary tool – drill or rotary hammer? It does not matter, just when using the punch you need to turn off the shock function.

best used together with diamond drill bit accessory tool with adjustable speed. Upon receipt of the holes in the granite the drilling you need to spend at minimum speed. When drilling you need to constantly ensure that the vertical position of diamond drill bits, otherwise the imbalance in the cutting process very often leads to tile damage or tool, and sometimes both. To reduce the possibility of misalignment is possible by mounting the drill in any holder.

Diamond drill

To improve the quality of drilling tiles, as well as the diamond drill, it is best to always put a piece of Board or particle Board under the tile, if possible. In addition please note that in addition to the fact that the diamond drill bits for porcelain tiles do not cut at high cutting speeds, that they also need cooling to increase tool life.

water Cooling when drilling porcelain tiles

best of all, when the cutting zone is cooled by a constant flow of water, but you can make a small puddle, but with some frequency it needs to be replenished. For drilling on vertical surfaces syringe water you need to pour only a rag at the bottom to stick, not to soil the floor.

mount diamond drills

Cutting holes in granite using template

the Pattern is firmly attached to a tile or holder of a power drill. For this purpose you can use clamps.

the question of how to diamond drill hole in the granite is, the two response. For example, to process the hole immediately to the desired depth or drilling is not the end. In the second case, can be drilled with a diamond drill 2/3 of the desired depth, and after the attack from the front surface of the tile to dislodge the formed tube.

the tube when cutting porcelain tiles

For more precise holes when drilling you need to use a special template. It is made of junk tiles, or generally of any material, often it is the ordinary plate, in which the drilled hole with the desired diameter.

At the time, conducted experiments and obtained the following experience:

1. Pen diamond drill BOSH 1200 rpm + water, without a hammer — BROKEN 3 pieces, DRILLED HOLES 1, time 30 min. This option is VERY TEDIOUS and very expensive.

2. Pen drill bit cross about.1200 + water, without a hammer — DRILLED HOLES 1, time 30 min. more tedious, but the drill unit.

3. Diamond core drills.2000 + water, without a hammer — DRILLED HOLES 12, time 1 min per hole. EASY, drill a whole. the hole is very smooth.

4. The drill+ the drill 12 for 50rub, without water hammer — DRILLED HOLES 40, elapsed time 5 seconds per hole. VERY EASY, drill a whole. Tiles are all intact though closer than 10 mm from the edge are not drilled. At the entrance, the edge of the hole is slightly chipped on the cone, in my case not essential, closes the mounting ear of the equipment. Tiles should be stacked, the weight will shoot up. The last option ,I dare say, very risky.

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