Drilling machine Corvette

Drill press is one of the key equipments in modern engineering activities. Such a machine is indispensable and necessary due to their features of work – this is known to every employee workshops, factories, enterprises. Very popular machines Corvette company. On one of them we will focus our attention.

Corvette 48

In General, by the way, the drilling machine is very common in Metalworking. Using this equipment, we can easily to obtain blind or through hole, to produce finishing of metal, shoots, countersinking, reaming holes, cut the internal thread to sinkerball end surface.

The motor of the drilling machine

Stationary drills are equipped with asynchronous motors with a power of 1 87-750 W (0.25 to 1 HP). This type of motors is very efficient, but it is better to buy a machine with an engine of 250 watts. The engine torque is transmitted through V-belt and drive system belt pulleys on the spindle and the cartridge. A permutation of a belt drive over a set of pulleys changes the speed in the range of 4 to 5 values, from 450 to 3000 Rev/min Lower speed is established when drilling large holes in metals and hard wood.< / span>

Drill bits used in the work
For the machine will require a full set of high-quality spiral: spiral and centering drills up to a diameter at least .least 10 mm. As larger drill bits are relatively expensive, they are probably better to buy individually as the need arises.

Choose HSS because they are equally suitable for both wood and metal. Before drilling hole twist drill, mark the center with an awl or center punch in the case of metal or solid wood.

Centering twist drill bits designed for drilling in end faces of wood products under the pin connections. They are also very good for woodworking in General.

Auger drill

Use screw ( worm) drills to perform the deep holes in wood. In the normal set consists of drill bits with diameters from 6 to 25 mm.


Center drill

This is a relatively cheap drill bits for drilling holes from 6 to 38mm in diameter. Long guides tips allow precise setting of the drill in the center of the intended hole, even if the workpiece is mounted on a tilted table swirlling of the machine.

Drill Bits Forstner

Drill Forstner road, but they perform exceptionally clean hole with a flat bottom and do not deviate. Their size can reach 50 mm in diameter.

Countersink drill bits

Drill the hole with a clearance for the screw. use a drill to countersink, to run a tapered recess in the top of the hole for the screw head. Work at high speed to clean processing.


Combined drill countersink

Special drill simultaneously drilling guide (basic) holes, clearance holes for the body screws and countersink.

drill bit for drill


drilling machine

Setting the drill, raise your Desk so that the work piece is approximately .one diameter from the drill tip. Set the depth of drilling, the center drill position and operate the machine. Evenly apply the drill to exert excessive force is not necessary if the drill is sharp enough. Before off slowly hold the handle of the feed so that the drill is returned to the upper position.


Reliable fixing of the workpiece

in order to resist rotation of the machine, it is advisable to butt the workpiece up against the left side of the bar. Alternatively, you can use a clamp or quick-clamp to rigidly secure the item on the desktop.

a Simple wooden fence, fixed on the desktop with screws and nuts -lamb, will be a useful tool for making identical parts. In such cases, press the workpiece to the end stop, mounted on this stop. If you want to drill a series of holes on the same line ( for example, with the sample groove), just slide the workpiece along the fence. To drill a hole in the side surface of the cylindrical part manufactured for her U-shaped cradle.

working on a drill press


safety precautions when working on a drilling machine

subject to the General rules of work safety in mechanical workshop surlily machine is a relatively safe tool. However, we should take some extra precautions.

• Always remove the Chuck key after you install a drill.

• Before turning on the machine place the fence into position.

• Securely fix the workpiece on a machine desktop. If drill stalls, it can start to rotate the billet with the most serious consequences. Squeeze a wooden billet to hard counter, or specially made all the way to successfully resist the rotation or fix the detail on the table clamp.

• Always securely clamp the workpiece.

the Nodes of the drilling machine

the Machine has:

— the baseplate;

— transmission;

— bed;

with the spindle;

— box of feeds and feed mechanism;

— the coordinate table.


you Can highlight the area of application machines – special, which are used in large-scale and mass production, and universal machines.

control Method – either manual control, or CNC.


There is some choice between upright drilling machines, radial drilling machines, horizontal machines and horizontal drilling, designed for deep hole drilling.

Consider a machine Corvette 48, which is vertical drilling.

Corvette 48

To obtain high profits, of course, necessary important factor is the efficiency of the machine, namely the number of technological operations, which can be done on a specific machine. Small master you can buy the machine encore Corvette 48. And this decision will be very correct, because the machine itself is oversized and will occupy a small space.

Corvette 48

which operations are applicable to this machine? Of course, surface treatment – wooden or metal. The anchor 48 may Corvette and drilling, and sinkerball, and to deploy and rastakat — in General, all that is needed this machine is able to perform.

by the Way, the machine-can be purchased at very affordable price, of course.

features Corvette 48

work machine causes the induction motor. Motor protection from overload carries a belt drive. 5 speeds for adjustment spindle that has a move – horizontal. Inadvertent starting of the machine after temporarily disconnect the power supply, it is impossible, so there is a magnetic starter.

the presence of the protective screen can protect the worker. Also, the engine will automatically switched off when opening the top casing due to limit switch. Depth control the drilling mechanism included in the machine design. With regards to the desktop, it can move vertically and turn the desired angle. The machine includes and Vice. The equipment has a capacity of 550 W and a weight of 37 kg.

features of the machine Corvette 48

the Spindle head can rotate angle more than 90 degrees to the left and right – 45 degrees. Distance from spindle axis to column carrier can be from 100 mm to 420 mm. All of this helps to handle surfaces efficiently and without additional equipment.

the Malfunction in the operation of the machine, as well as the causes of these malfunctions and their elimination is shown in the picture

faulty Corvette 48

Drilling machine performs a key operation, this is its advantage. Well, the choice of equipment should be carried out depending on the scale of the enterprise, respectively.

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