The use of diamond cutters

Diamond cutter – the best tool to perform operations such as roughing and grinding of concrete pavement and stone.

The cutters are a tool the body is metal with soldered diamond segments. Due to the high speed, have an advantage over abrasive counterparts.

diamond cutter

there are 2 types of diamond grinding mills. This diamond grinding mill:

1. Andispolzuemye on mosaic-grinding machines (Series CO and GM series)

the Use of these diamond cutters are allowed to handle and to Polish industrial flooring using mosaic grinding machine. Typically, the configuration of such cutters – 6 PCs (rarely to 3 PCs)

diamond cutter used on the mosaic shlifovannyj machines

the Form and type machines play an important role. Consequently, there is a subspecies:

Diamond cutter – Frankfurt

Have a trapezoidal shape. Used for mosaic grinding machine GM. (The coolant used). Applicable Frankfurt for concrete, paving slabs, solid refractories, marble and granite.

Diamond cutter – triangles

these cutters are presented in the form of cast diamond grinding mills in the form of a circle and triangular adapters are fused with the body. These cutters are used on grinding machines, mosaic CO.

Apply triangles to concrete, paving, solid refractories, marble and granite. (Operation of the triangles should be coolant)

— Diamond cutters – ring.

the Shape of these cutters. Used for mosaic grinding machines CO-199.

Such mills could grind sredneetazhnye and abrasive materials ( class b and class C), namely, applicable for concrete, hard refractories, tiles, marble and granite. (Operation of the diamond rings should be with the cooling fluid.)

to Fix these cutters, you can use the triangular adaptor, or doing a bit of revision, to fix to the crosshead.

2. Used on angle grinder cutting machines


— local roughing and grinding on angle grinder machines;

— package included – 1 PCs.

the existence of different diameters.

These diamond cutters are divided into the following types:

is Having a sintered diamond layer

Cutters have a circular shape with the presence of circular sintered diamond layer. Diamond cutters with sintered diamond layer can be treated natural stone, leveling the surface ends of the handle and remove the chamfer(using a hand-held angle grinder). You can apply cooling, and it is possible it and not to use.

Segment double row

these cutters disc design. On the end surface brazed diamond segments. Segmented double row cutters do not require refrigeration. Are made depending on the size of the diamond grain used.

double row segment diamond cutter

the Hardness and strength are the significant benefits of diamond grinding of cutters. Indeed, thanks to these properties, we achieve a high accuracy in the grinding of material in a large range. It is possible to produce the roughing and polishing floors – at the same time, there is no dust, noise, vibration.

the Use of diamond grinding mills found itself in the construction and renovations of buildings. In addition, bridge and road construction they are also used.

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