CNC operator

In this article we will talk about the operators of the CNC. Because they serve the machine tool, observe how operations are performed on the machine whether the observed processes. To determine which manufacturing development company, to identify the level at which the automation. Simply put, the machinery will provide this information.

CNC machine

Next, we will look at a range of functions that need to run a CNC operator.

the tasks performed by the CNC operator

— serve equipment.(this includes such duties as: preparing and cleaning the workplace, installing and removing parts. Also, the operator monitors the machine);

— to measure, to inspect the workpiece and the tool (also, you need to measure workpiece, using special measuring instruments);

— carry out commissioning of the equipment for manufacture of various components. (you need to prepare the machine to work, pick up the fixtures that will be needed for the operation of the machine with the workpiece);

— start the machine.

CNC Operator needs to possess the skills of programming, which will be used by the machine for processing of workpieces, the ability to choose the right cutting tools.

As expected, the skilled workers should have some personal qualities to be a CNC operator.

CNC Operator, of course, need to be patient and have an accurate eye (this is necessary for measurements to correctly position the workpiece and manual feeding of the tool). A person should be well-developed spatial imagination and technical thinking (to read blueprints). CNC operator must be able to allocate and focus, must have a tenacious mind and a good memory (to quickly remember the order in which the buttons and switches on the remote). Also important and precise hand movements. Perseverance and speed of reaction are also welcome. And, of course, the man needs to have excellent vision and hearing. It is necessary to work with a CNC machine.

so, consider the actions of the operator.

— Using the map, he selects the cutting tool. In this case, the operator must ensure that the instrument has no damage that he is safe and correctly sharpened.

— Using the setup sheet, it selects the coordinate dimensions.

Operator installs cutting tools in a shop tool.

— CNC Operator sets the Chuck (which provides the setup sheet). Then, it is checked for a loose piece.

statement using the switch, sets it to «on the bench».

Then goes idle as a test system.

— Further, transferring the program to the machine. This is necessary in order for the CNC operator made sure that the program is correct.

, the operator of the CNC displays the machine coordinates to zero, using the switch «zero drift».

— there is a fixing of the workpiece parts in the cartridge.

— switches to the mode «program».

— starts processing of the workpiece.

— Comes measurement details. If necessary, make an amendment.

— Re-process the part in «the program». — Re-measurement details.

CNC machine

Despite the fact that CNC seems to be equipment from the category of reliable, the enterprises are urgently required person with skills of the CNC operator. To avoid failures of machine tools with programmed control, the employee must be highly qualified.

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