Cleaning cutter

For a single production of circuit boards, processing can be performed in different ways, can be used as a cutter blade, sewing needles, needle file triangular sharpened in a special way, chemical etching. But for industrial production, such methods are not suitable.< / span>

cleaning the cutter

Industrial processing boards manufactured by several methods and ways. One of such methods applies a mechanical — using a special cutting tool. The treatment process is complex and time consuming when mechanical cutting is much easier. Advantages of the method with the use of machines — high accuracy, even when producing small printed circuit boards. Have this method some flaws, such as chips and a large amount of fine dust during processing, in contrast to chemical etching. But these shortcomings are easily eliminated by the devices and devices removal of dust and chips. This avoids the sintering of the chip and sticking it to the boards and cutter, as in cutting plastic materials increases with temperature.

For processing printed circuit boards(PCB), used cutters special shape of durable material. Are those teeth — cleansing. Their main purpose drawing paths on the Board, the selection of slots. For example, the cutter RO-050-3-015-30 is a species of large species of tools manufactured by the industry for the manufacture of the PP. But in each case the tool should be selected depending on the upcoming activity.

the Instrument must be made of durable carbide materials, quite sharp. This is due to the hardness and viscosity of the processed materials, which quickly runs down the incisors.

the Materials for the manufacture of tools


Domestic manufacturers produce tools for processing of PP, high-speed steel brand R. the Most common brand is R6M5, consisting of: chromium, molybdenum, carbon and tungsten, the letter M and shows its contents.

German manufacturers not only produce tool, but also supply blanks for the subsequent production of the instrument. For example, AFC offers carbide billets of steel grades AFK34 EF AFK10UF, AFK34 SF. The most used brand for the manufacture of cleaning tools and high speed tool steel is AFK34 EF.

a Very large selection of cleaning tools, represented producers from China. There are many high-quality products from alloy of cobalt and tungsten. The most available and inexpensive material, Chinese products K10. Accordingly, the durability he would have a small. If you pick metal or К200 К350, strength and quality will increase much, but the price will increase almost three times. Competition with leading European and American manufacturers is firm «DJTOL» from China, with high quality products below their cost of brand 2-3 times.

Good cutters of high quality, are manufactured from the following materials:
— K55SF German manufacturers, consisting of tungsten 91% of cobalt and 9%, such as mark AA1LXD3.15.
Austrian development firm TSF44 Ceratizit alloy, comprised of 88% tungsten and 12% cobalt. Examples of cutters brands 3A1LXD3.15 and 3AY1LX3.15.

There are several common categories of cutters: series a steel К200 is made in Taiwan; series AA of material K55SF made in Germany; series 3A production in Luxembourg from a material TSF44; series To К40UF of steel produced in Germany; the E-series is made in Taiwan. Each series is designed for processing materials of different hardness. Therefore, applying them it is necessary to consider their performance.

Tools of the German company Kemmer, good quality and in demand. All are made of hard alloy carbide and tungsten. Cleaning the cutters with a diamond coating EDF Kemmer 241P used in the processing of flexible and rigid printed circuit boards. Design working part sharp enough for accurate quality tracks, grooves and surfaces. Many other models of this manufacturer — DLC DCF. Brand cutters Kemmer, have a high resistance and duration.

To cut tracks on the PCB to successfully apply the tools(cutters) brand LC 432. Structurally, this dvuhmetrovoy tool, easily coping with durable PP material. The processing speed of such a tool is quite high, due to the steep angle processing. In boards of Micarta, fiberglass, and other solid materials, it efficiently and smoothly chooses the tracks, grooves, helps in the treatment of the contours.

the choice of the cutter is affected by the distance between the tracks on the boards, this will depend on the diameter of the working part of the tool. If you have to treat the surface with the presence of aluminum or copper, is to take care of additional tools.

When you select a tool, you should know that in the abduction of the chip goes up the rise of the processed surfaces. In this method, processing accuracy difficult to achieve. You can try to ensure it was fixed, but it is better to pick up another cutter(the cutter).

the For best and effective treatment details

Cutter RO-050-3-015-30 with a short edge, which reduces the risk of cracking. Very sharp processing surface in the form of «fish tail», allows you to work on stretch boards without prior alignment. Easily immersed in the solid material at a given depth. Using the tool you can remove large copper areas with PP.

a More efficient way of processing the grooves and tracks, would be to use cleansing the cutters made the type of «corn». They provide good handling due to its design. The accuracy achieved in this case is quite high. It easily handles detail due to its design, the layers and the structure is not destroyed and torn fibers that really affects the quality. The best processing speed of 24 thousand rpm.

Cylindrical types of cutters(cutters), especially effectively used as a cleansing in the manufacture of printed circuit boards. But for the treatment of products made of fiberglass they don’t really fit. The density of the material rapidly leads to their deterioration, respectively, quality is lost in processing.

Special attention should be paid to the processing of the PCB, the structure of it is solid and tough, the chips when cutting the tracks get a lot. Not to spoil the instrument and not to ruin the workpiece, the cutter must be grooved for the timely removal of chips. For better attachment of the workpiece, you can use table with the option of vacuum pressing. This will facilitate the work and improve the quality of the products. When working on the machine and the tool applied the same requirements.

Every manufacturer makes some of his individual change, improves sharpening of the working part, changes the shape and angles of cutting surfaces. But do not forget about the basic methods and techniques of processing. If you exceed the allowable rotation speed, the working surface will burn, it will stick shavings and dust. As a result, the portion of the work surface is excluded from the processing, the entire load falls on the remaining. In the end, the cutter is easily damaged. The rotation speed should choose optimal, with simultaneous evacuation.

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