Broaching machines

In this article, we will focus on tufting machines that help to solve some important problems in the enterprises and industries. Consider the main types of broaching machines, the purpose and the advantages of this type of equipment.


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so, if briefly run through the tasks that perform broaching machines, we note that they contribute to high-performance processing. Namely, broaching machines can handle deep and narrow cavity, not using the washing. Also, note that the machines are high performing, especially when mode of nursing.

the Advantage of the piercing machine consists in the fact that the observed high accuracy. So, the positioning of the working parts of the machine is also accurate, as a result, the electrodes have low wear value.

Such a machine contributes to the high roughness class. Detail would be of high uniformity of the surface, even if the area of the treated surface is large. And since the electrodes have a small gap, then performance is lost.

Next, we’ll talk about copy-piercing machines.

Copy-broaching machine

the Purpose for these machines stitching holes in parts. Also, copy-piercing machine it is possible to carry out the marking of products to produce three-dimensional reproduction, to carry out the finishing details. With regards to material that can handle the machine is: hardened steel, high-strength, conductive composite alloys, titanium, graphite and so on. Also, machines are used, as mentioned just above, for details of volume forms. For example: molds, moulds, dies, punches. Copying-piercing machine tools can be carried out processing of holes, which may have a different shape and configuration.

the Machines have rigid base frame. You can often find copying-piercing machine tools with numerical control.

Coordinate-broaching machine

Such machines are convenient to handle different shaped surfaces. Have high accuracy. Hard alloys are processed more often and hence, for this type of material the machine is quite efficient. It is better to use, of course, the machine with CNC system as the software management possibilities of use of this equipment. On the coordinate-broaching machine can process the forming molds, matrices, and so on.

the design of the machine is stable and rigid. Usually, machines have ultra-fast linear motors and precision refrigerator thermostat with a setting precision of 0.2 deg . The machines are also often used for microprocessing.

EDM piercing machines

Thanks to EDM piercing machines is carried out electric discharge machining of materials, this is often difficult to machine materials such as stainless steel, alloy steel, tool steel, titanium, hardened steel, hard alloy and so on.

Erosion processing is usually done using three axes: X,Y,Z. in addition, EDM piercing machines set 4th axis C. It allows to expand the range of possibilities. And this process of burning the screw surfaces is made easy. Also, thanks to the 4th axis is a receiving threaded holes (the material of the part can be as hard alloy and hardened steel).

EDM piercing machines enable to obtain the profile of the recess of any complex shape. Often, this equipment is conducted after pre-processing on lathes and milling machines. One of the advantages of EDM piercing machine is that depression, which can have a different shape, you can run in internal walls. For this Z we need to introduce the electrode (inside the holes). Then we can watch the burn process on the remaining axes.

Also, EDM piercing machine allows you to receive and threaded holes.

machine stitched

Piercing machines have a special place in industries because of the ability to perform complex tasks. Machines productive, high-quality and accurate.

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