Homemade drill press

In this article, we will discuss the questions for the most part DIY. Namely, we study the design of the drilling machine that you can build at home and use it accordingly in the household. And need to solve this problem, only just, improvised material.

Drilling machine

not a secret that in order to perform drilling work, and lacking the usual drill. But, if you need more precision, for example, it is necessary to drill a plurality of holes having a small diameter, then there is a need to resort to the boring machine, which in turn will ensure the accuracy and quality of drilling.

of Course, one could argue that the stores sell different models of machines, designed for use in the home. But the cost of these equipments is considerable, not everyone can afford such a purchase. And besides, simple homemade drill press you can build yourself.

the Most common improvised tools:

— an improvised drill press, with the basis of the electric;

— an improvised drill press, with the basis of the induction motor from a household appliance.

so, proceed to consider these machines.

Homemade drill press, with the basis of a power drill

This machine is frequently used in home workshops. Due to the fact that the drill has light weight, the upright support can be done even boards, for example. This is for production, we do not need very durable materials.

self-made drilling machine-based drills

the Design of drilling machine consists of:

Base (frame);


Vertical stand;


with regards to the frame, then it is necessary to be attentive to this element of the design. It should be remembered that the solidity of the frame is very important and the more massive it is, the better. Because vibration during operation will be transmitted less. As an example, this element can be manufactured using the furniture plate.

as for the stands, her back to the rack must be fixed at a right angle. Because it affects how accurately and efficiently cutting equipment. Accordingly, using the screws, we assign two guides, which are usually cut from metal strips. According to him, and moves the block up and down. The Shoe in turn, is attached to the drill. The block must be done so that later in her tightly fastened in the drill.

to reduce noise and vibrations, installed a rubber gasket (respectively, between the pad and the body). Thanks to the lever to facilitate movement of the pads (vertically). Block drill may return to the starting position. This requires a spring that is for the feed mechanism.

Homemade drill press, with the basis of asynchronous motor

Well, of course, we will focus on the machine, which creates is not a drill, and the engine from any device. Such a machine can be developed thanks to the available asynchronous motor, which usually have a washing machine (of drum type).

self-made drilling machine based on induction motor

the design of the machine is quite complicated. As the vibrations from of the engine becomes greater. And that though as-that to minimize the need closer to set the engine to the rack. What complicates the process of selecting the required elements.

So, for example, the pulley belt transmission, which can be obtained due to:


— gear;

two bearings;

two scraps of thin pipes;

steel clamp ring.

Hexagon bar, pipes, bearings, o-rings needed for making the movable part of the mechanism. The hexagon acts as the part that is part of the transmission mechanism.

the ends of the tube should be nappily that the hexagon had a reliable connection. The most important thing in this whole process, of course, getting a durable design. And all parts attached to each other tightly. To make adjusting the system, you need to use a pipe that will have nadpisi, and gear, with the condition that there will be a penetration of the teeth into Napili.

Design, as we see, very complex. For receiving you need a large amount of work.

consequently, they aretill then, we can conclude that machines with a power drill is more applicable in home workshops due to more simple and affordable design.

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