The use of the gauge tube for CNC machines

the caliber of the tube is the first measuring tool used to check the mating parts. Caliber cannot be measured, and it is intended only for hit-testing the resulting size is within the specified range. the caliber of the tube was formerly the principal measuring tools in the engineering industry, but the emergence of CNC machines has made adjustments.

Kit gauges plugs


the Disadvantages of using a caliber of the tube at the CNC

Need a large number, because for each size needs its own caliber, as in the processing of the CNC machine have to have a box of gauges for making one piece
Caliber tube can only sort the items received fit there, but do not determine their size, so the caliber is not suitable to set up machines, as it does not represent what is correct.
Therefore, in the present production release sizes of tube two kinds – the passage is not a passage, and the caliber with a certain step. This method often measure the shafts and holes are of large diameter. For example it is not possible to measure the hole with a tolerance of 2-4 µm universal methods of measurement, and because the main task of CNC machines to obtain high precision surfaces. For the purpose of accurate measurement surfaces
specially made sets of calibers tubes with difference size 1 — 10 µm.
the Price of such high caliber, as diameter tolerance in the manufacture of plug gages is equal to ± 0.4 µm, for the reference of plug gages ±0.15 µm with a surface roughness Ra of less than 0.1 microns.

Classic caliber tube

the benefits of using caliber tube for CNC

With such a set of calibers tubes significantly reduces setup time and tool offsets on CNC machines
the Ability to measure the exact size without the influence of the temperature factor, because under the influence of temperature the caliber of the tube also changes size

Kit caliber from 7.62 to 7.66

Measurement using the kit of the caliber of the tubes for the set-up of CNC machine tools

First pick a caliber not passing
Pick the closest in size passing
The size will be between passing and not passing the gauge, respectively, the more and more calibers in the kit the higher the measurement accuracy.

For serial production with modern equipment it makes sense to order kits gauges plugs, this will save a significant amount of time during commissioning and will increase the volume of work performed.

small production or use of equipment holding dimensions within the measurement of the universal meritel ‘ s conditional buying such sets is not advisable.

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