Bending of sheet metal

Heating sheet metal is often used for bending pipe or sheet metal made of non-ferrous metal, such as copper and its alloys. For this purpose it is best to use segment knife or are bent knife, which consists of a set of segments of different widths, to improve the quality flexible. Various combinations allow to bend the fragments of completely different widths. Such a flexible, well-proven preheated sheets of copper alloy. In modern production presses for metal bend hydraulics. Several times fork bending machines which used the energy of flywheel, and a couple of times watching the operation of the pneumatic scissors constructed according to the tangential type.

Flexible sheet material

the Heating of alloys such as aluminum leads to its aging.
In the case where aging of the product associated with the change of its geometrical sizes,then you need (products) artificial aging,which can be obtained by heating(tempering).
Heating before bending is also used to relieve stresses in the tube before bending (generally required after drawing).
the condition of the coating will depend on the heating temperature.

When bending the parts, it is very important before beginning work to determine the correct size of the final product. When calculating the length of the workpiece you need to consider the bending radius of the sheet. For workpieces bending at just the right angle without the appearance of the inner side of the fillet sheet, allowance sheet bending should be from 0.5 — 0.7 of the thickness of the metal of the workpiece.

a Very important characteristic of the bending equipment is the security system. The presence of constraints at the machine significantly reduces the trauma in the production. In recent years, the production see machines equipped with laser sensors that the appearance of anything else in the work area emergency stop equipment

Machines for flexible operation method is divided into types:

machines used matrix and poisono;
turning used machines bending the beam;
rotary machines used rolls.

Now consider a small example. For flexible steel sheet S=05-5mm heating of metal is not required, but it is important to choose the right equipment and tooling.For flexible steel sheet with a coating you can apply a protective film technology,for the purpose of preserving the coating.Heating will only damage the surface and does not affect the bending process of the sheet material.

Flexible metal manual

bending Technology metal.

There are two ways of metal bending: manual and automated.

Manual metal bending is a complex and time-consuming process. Metal when using this method, clamped with vise, and then processed with a hammer and pliers. In manual mode, flexible metal sheet thickness should not be greater than 0.6 mm.

Flexible metal automated method based on the use of brake press, rollers or roller bending machine. This method reduces the complexity of the process of bending metal and the quantity in the production of wedlock.

the Choice of technology flexible, as with any treatment, largely determined by the material and from the requirements obtained in the processing of products. When bending be sure before starting, additionally you need to make calculation of the bending force of the metal using the formula and the smallest inner bending radius for a to prevent the formation of cracks. But the most important rule of this treatment is that the inner radius of the sheet metal was not more than a thickness of the bendable sheet.

the Types of machines for bending metal

Flexible metal is made on machines that are roller, disc, roller, spindle and pazunia.

the location of the shafts on the bending machines depends on the possibility of processing sheets of different thicknesses. Asymmetric machines enable bending of thin and medium sheets, and symmetric thick sheets.

using hardware with 4 rollers it is possible to obtain bends with any curvature without deforming forces that cannot be done on a symmetrical machine with three rollers.

machine for bending metal

roll Forming equipment

the principle of operation is similar to the bending machine for metal , but has a different arrangement of rollers. The axis of the rolls of the machine can be located both vertically and horizontally, and even at an angle. Adjustment of such a machine is made with the help of electric drive. For this type of roll forming machines use the asymmetric arrangement of rollers for bending metal.

by the Way, equipment for bending metal with manual mechanism the best option for domestic work. These machines do not require high qualification and is suitable for normal home workshop

Products bending machine for metal

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