The cutting of metals

the Process of cutting is the process of dividing the workpiece. During this process, remove the excess of metal, called the seam allowance. on
Cutting can be performed manually using a chisel and mechanical devices.on
manual cutting Is (often used at the farm) and mechanical.on
the Performance of mechanical cutting method increases up to 6 times.
cutting metal


the let us first Consider the process of cutting with a chisel together with a hammer.

Chisel with its cutting portion is a wedge shape. The choice of angle largely depends on the hardness of the material
the harder the material, the more stupid wedge.
Guidelines for choosing
steel cutting wedge angle equal to 60 degrees,
non-ferrous metals the angle of cutting wedge is 35 -40 degrees.


To get the grooves using a chisel is a special chisel.
When processing a wheelhouse used a hammer weighing up to 500 g.


the Process of logging

In the process of cutting the blank is fixed in a vise slightly to the left of the right edge of the jaws. The remaining space serves for the attachment of the chisel. The hammer features a head to the left and put it on a workbench to the right of the vise, the chisel is on the left, the cutting part yourself. The workplace should be protected by a protective mesh to protect from flying fragments of material.

the process of cutting metal



In the process of cutting metal, it is important to follow the correct working posture. To stand in the cabin need right, case you want to deploy so that the right shoulder was opposite the head of the chisel. Left leg to improve stability of the body we need to push forward and shift the weight to the right foot.
the Chisel with the hammer held so where the edge of the handle and the striking part played by 20-30 mm.

the position of the body when cutting


There are two ways of cutting metal

1. The cabin in the grip of the markers of risk.
2. The cabin in the vise clamping the metal is not the level of the jaws.

Cutting in a Vice using the marking grooves is carried out so that the markup was 1.5 — 2 mm above the vise jaws themselves. Chisel at an angle of 30 — 40° to the processed surface of the part. After each stroke you need to return the tool to its original position.
the Cabin in the vise clamping the metal is not the level of the jaws is carried out if the risks fall below the level of the jaws so that after cutting on the surface of the part was the allowance of up to 1.5 mm.

types of clutches for cutting metal


With different hardness of the material, there are different types of logs

1. Carpal types of logs.
2. Elbow types of logs.
3. Shoulder types of logs.

Carpal view of the cutting remove very small irregularities.
the Elbow the types of logs — remove not the necessary material and cut to pieces the workpiece is not thicker than 10 mm.
Shoulder view of the cutting, removed a thick layer of metal and cut them in pieces the workpiece is thick.

At the wrist, as we can assume the hammer moves due to the motion of the hand.
At the elbow, the arm bent at the elbow and the shot becomes stronger.
When a shoulder moves from the shoulder and the shot becomes much stronger.


In the case that the workpiece for cutting fails to heal in a vise, it is treated on the stove. Chisel in this case put vertically in marking risk, and the only way strikes.
After each blow the chisel is driven at half of its cutting edge. Through this method simplifies the installation of the chisel to the desired location, which contributes to continuous cutting. If the workpiece has a large thickness and it just is not cut, in this case, cause additional risk markers on the opposite side of the cabin. In this case, the workpiece madrobot to about half the thickness on one side, then dorobat on the other hand.


If you want to cut the workpiece along a complex profile, then the cutting edge is removed at a distance up to 2 mm from the scribing grooves, natuba metal light strokes along the whole profile. Then repeat, cutting more strong blows. Then she turned over and produce cutting at the indicated path.


the Features safety when cutting metal

1. Work is allowed only with proper tool non-impact part of cracks and burrs.
2. The hammer handle is firmly planted on the tales and have no cracks.
3. It is impossible to test the quality of the cutting arm to the touch.
4. At the end of the felling is necessary to weaken the force of the blow.
5. The cutting of metal must be in goggles or a protective screen.

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In the process of cutting the details of the pulling of metal. An elongated metal chopped press. The quality of the press of scissors is judged on the cut of the metal: the smoother, the higher the quality of the tooling.

the attitude of the line cutting to the fault of a metal depends on the degree of wear of the press shear.
This method gives the maximum accuracy of the cut.
as with the case above, press the scissors is not beneficial to use in small batch and individual production.

the Press shears for cutting metal

disc 1;
2 hydraulic;
3 container.

container press shear in

All press forms are divided according to the possibility of moving into stationary and mobile.

Disk, sometimes called a lever, is very well suited for small-scale felling. Lever press the scissors are attached two knives, and one of the knives is fixed to the frame. It makes the most of a press lever of the scissors moving. The blades for this tool are made of high carbon steel. The quality of the manufacture of knives depends on the durability and cutting precision, so it is advised to pay any special attention to when buying.

hydraulic press scissors

Hydraulic press shears have the same characteristics as a lever, but the movement they do is driven via a hydraulic mechanism.

very convenient container press scissors

Container press shear represent a container designed for cutting different metal. This kind of press shear has a separate chamber where thrown metal cutting. Thanks to this feature the chip doesn’t explode in the process, does not scatter to the sides, which greatly improves worker safety.

container press shear with vertical container

Container press shear vary according to the method of feeding metal

1 Automated
2 Manual

press scissors on Metallobaza

Container press shear vary in power is a significant impact on the maximum thickness of the cut metal.
In this article I told about the basic methods of metal cutting is intended for cutting in farms and in industrial production. If You have questions write in comments.

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