The types and characteristics of reamers for metal

a Reamer is a cutting tool used for reaming of holes with high precision. Accuracy class scan is much higher than that of conventional drill bits for metal, so she adjusted the hole after drilling, if you need higher precision.

a drill with a diameter of 9 mm, and the real get the holes equal to 9.4 mm, so use a reamer to get a perfect hole with a diameter of 10 mm.

View scan

types of scans there are many

the Most common is the manual scan.

But a manual scan, as you know, used on CNC machines.


adjustable reamer

Usually for NC use the scanner with conical shape with sharp edges along the entire length. Scanner have size range from 3 to 58 mm, in increments of 1mm. Sometimes there are frame by fractions of a millimeter, for example, 2.5 mm.

Lead-in portion at the scan for mills with CNC should have the gun nose as in mills for the same material. For example reamers for aluminum corner of the front lead-in part of Potocki should be 15 to 20 degrees. For stainless steel front corner on the lead-in part of the sweep needs to be 3 to 5 degrees.

Scanner for CNC machine

the Number of teeth significantly affects the clarity and accuracy of the receiving hole, the more teeth, the smoother works and increases the total length of the cutting edge. Truscott at considerably lesser removal is not so much influence on the cutting process, as when drilling.

through the use of helical grooves have a sweep, e is further increased accuracy and smoothness of operation, especially when compared with a reamer having a straight groove.

Here the approximate prices on sweep in 2014:

3mm – 50rub

10mm – 120rub

17mm – 215руб

34mm – 410руб

40mm – 1200rub

50mm – 2300руб


Adjustable reamer

small-scale manufacture adjustable sweep.

adjusting the size of the sweep

This scan allows to obtain different diameters. The size of it varies within the limits from 0.5 to 3.0 mm, depending on the diameter of the sweep. The smaller the scan, the smaller diameter it is expanded.

Exposed an adjustable reamer for CNC machine tools, using two nuts.

size adjustment sweep

On the net there are two nuts, top and bottom. First, Unscrew the top nut, then tighten the lower, when the fastener is tightened the cutting inserts are displaced, which increases the diameter of the scan as they shifted on the cone guide. The higher you move them, tightening the bottom nut, the larger size.

to Slip her need until until you get your desired size.

to Know the measured size of the scanner with the help of Vernier caliper or micrometer.


Scan made from HSS high-speed steel to increase the durability or performance of treatment used solid alloy.

the Types of defects when using scanner

reducing the diameter of the resulting hole when the deployment has critical

scan wear or elastic deformation of the metal when machining thin-walled parts.

If part of the surface is not processed, it is necessary or to increase the allowance for processing, or earlier, the hole had runout.

the Poor quality of surface roughness after processing associated with the selected too large an allowance or severe wear of the scanner.

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