The best mini lathe for milling operations

Currently, the actual topic of mini milling machines. How good mini milling machines, Optimum and whether they can be considered the best? This question interested a sufficient number of people and therefore, I propose to speculate.

mini milling machine BF16

For starters, let’s see what are the important qualities has mini milling machine.

first – small footprint, good performance and reasonable price, which is important for repair shops and various small businesses.

Next, mini milling machine has a simple structure, consumes a voltage of 220 volts (some models may consume 380 volts), power over 150 watts. Also, on the equipment of the present stepless regulator angular speed and control, and, consequently, this leads to an increase in the speed of machining and to improve the quality of the work.

A Big plus of the mini milling machine is a small noise.

According to the size of the workspace and the maximum load, determined by weight and dimensions of the workpiece.

Mini milling machines of Optimum Maschinen

Mini milling machines, Optimum – one of the first «chips» of the company. As for success, the machine BF20 Vario made a splash (by the way, BF20 Vario was the further development of the line).

Opti BF20 Vario/ BF20L Vario/

This mini milling machine can boast of quality and price.

of the merits, we note that the number of revolutions of the spindle electronically adjustable. The milling head is able to operate in intermediate positions because of the possibility of turning on the ±90 degrees. The adjustable nuts on all the chassis screws there is a complete elimination of backlash. The special cover protects the guide of the cutter head.

mini Milling machine BF20L Vario

Besides all this has a large protective screen (there is a limit switch), adjustable stops the movement of the table, the built-in start relay (allowing the switching on and off of the engine on signal to the CNC controller),high performance manifold engine, short kinematic chain, sanded and grinder guides-type «dovetail» the two modes of submission of the quill – coarse and fine micrometer.


I would Like to also note, perhaps, indication of speed – it’s really great to read, and the ergonomic control panel.

as for the CNC, mini milling machines BF Vario, you can set the CNC system NCdrive. The only BF series Vario, mini milling machine BF16 Vario does not have this privilege.

But the features of the mini milling machine BF20 Vario/ BF20L Vario/

 In General, machines of this company are very high quality and functional. The desire to improve is a huge plus for the company. After all, the fourth generation machines received from a third only mechanical part. And electrician they completely reworked and replaced, including the engine, and control Board.

In conclusion, we can say that the choice of mini milling machine must be approached carefully: weigh the pros and cons of various machines to determine the amount that can be spent to purchase equipment. And, of course, an important goal of the purchase. Because the purchase must be fully justified itself.

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