Spherical mills for plastic

In this article, we consider a spherical cutter, which are used for processing plastic. Find out the features of this material processed, consider recommendations for working with plastic.

spherical cutter for plastic

There is a spherical milling cutter for plastic, having a sharpened with high precision cutting edge. Angles can be positive and negative. These cutters it is better to apply clean plastic with a protective film. By providing a finishing cut, no need for post-processing. To ensure the best cut, it is recommended to use clamping system.

spherical cutter for plastic

Also, you can find a spherical milling cutter for plastic, cutting edges which are made of material — polycrystalline diamond PCD. Accordingly, these cutters have a long service life. But if we talk about the quality of the cut, the carbide cutters are superior in this indicator.

spherical cutter for plastic

so, in itself, a spherical cutter for the plastic helps to treat the surface of the workpiece clean enough, with a little roughness. In the process, these cutters create a small vibration, which allows to obtain a sufficiently good surface quality.

Often used dvuhzubye spherical milling cutter, with the angle of inclination of the helical grooves 30 degrees. Usually, this tool is made of hard alloy. May be without a coverage.

spherical cutter for plastic

Also, the spherical cutter for plastic can be made from the ultrafine-grained alloy. Sharpening a tool is like a mirror. This will allow to obtain fine cuts while working with plastic. Because of this, it is possible to eliminate the operation of grinding. The use of such cutters allows a good save.

spherical cutter for plastic

Next, we’ll look at how to handle some types of plastics, ball mills.

Thermoplastics and their processing, ball mill

Thermoplastic is a type of plastic that softens when heated. Typically, the chips they drain. Tend to melt, if the processing is very intensive.

Plastics usually soften when heated during processing, ball mill. Further, it is possible to obtain the liquid structure of plastic. For example, the thermoplastic has a long drain shavings during processing. So, a spherical milling cutter must be able to serve it. Usually, the number of visits should be minimal. Well, as has become clear, mill has wide channels for easy chip was removed.

When there is an intensive treatment, then the plastic melting is observed, and therefore, there is a buildup cutters on cutting edges. Which greatly interferes with the processing of the material. Such was not the case, you need to mill with high velocity. (the cutting speed can reach 900 m/min)

thermosetting plastics and their processing, ball mill

the Thermoset is a type of plastics that does not change properties when heated. Thus, we can conclude that the thermosetting has high hardness.

As mentioned above, thermosetting plastics resistant to heat. This means that when milling spherical milling cutter for plastic, they give a chip, which is brittle. Therefore, the cutting speed they have is not the same as thermoplastics, respectively, much lower — 80-200 m/min. a Spherical milling cutter must be multiple thread to process the solid surface, which has this type of plastic. Also, for smooth processing of the material, it would be good to use cutters with a large number of cutting edges.

recommendation for processing plastic ball mill

as for depth of cut, it is best to observe it in the range of 2.5-3.0 mm. cutting Depth should be small to avoid strong heating. Even when roughing. And it is recommended that the milling machine was a device for removal of chips and dust during processing.

Sometimes use coolant, due to the fact that during processing of the workpiece is a strong heating of the surface. It is desirable to cut in several passes, single-start or double-threaded cutters.

it is Better to use the cutter with the extension of the chip to obtain higher quality surface after treatment. Welcome the holding bridge.

so, as we found out plastic is a difficult material for milling. For carrying out this treatment suitable spherical milling cutter designed for plastic. Of course, working specially selected spherical mill, we will receive high-quality processed surface.

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