Modern technological solutions for the chemical-thermal treatment

Many experts on the heat treatment will agree with the fact that the equipment for chemical-thermal treatment is much older than the equipment in the sections of the blade processing. Common practice shows that the main tools in modern enterprises spent on modernization and purchase of new machinery for mechanical treatment, and scarce funds remain in the maintenance of existing thermal equipment.


Oven for chemical-thermal treatment, as a rule, repaired to working condition and again start to work. When repair is often a value was attached only to the operation of the equipment, but not the provision of process parameters of chemical heat treatment.

the ever-increasing requirements to detail and the desire to rationally organize production changed their minds about the minor role of thermal equipment. After assessing the condition of the equipment and familiarize with the modern technology of heat treatment is often the only correct solution is to entirely replace existing hardware to new hardware, which needs transportation.

In this case, the specialists put a difficult task to choose new equipment for the entire workshop or site. Experts many companies are advised to follow the following principles: not just to change old equipment for similar, but newer, and you choose the equipment from the point of view of application of modern technologies of heat treatment.

For example, in the production was used, the hardening process: heating of protective atmosphere furnace with quenching in the quenching standing next to the tub. The transfer of charge is carried out manually, the transfer time depends entirely on the actions of workers serving the equipment.

All arising in the process of thermal treatment effects – leashes, the slag was removed followed by machining. If you look at this process from a modern point of view, we get:

the process of uniform heating in a protective controlled atmosphere,

transfer of the charge in the quenching medium is carried out automatically,

transfer of the charge in the quenching medium without contact with the atmosphere,

the oil in the quenching bath is agitated for uniform cooling.

Результат такой закалки

значительно снижаются деформации, возникающие в процессе закалки.

исключение последующей механической обработки

либо существенное снижение объема требуемых механических операций.


Stable, predictable result of heat treatment due to the strict computer control of technological parameters (temperature uniformity ±3°C, control the carbon potential of ±0,05%); the possibility of almost all heat treatment processes (annealing in different media – oil, water, salt, gas, carburizing, nitrocarburizing, nitriding, Carboniferous, annealing, tempering, cold processing) on a single set of equipment, managed by a single operator The versatility of the equipment is achieved due to the modular system:

the modules furnace with controlled atmosphere is used for carrying out the processes of chemical heat treatment in a protective atmosphere Thanks to the split system furnace module/quenching bath, furnace module can work with multiple hardening baths with different environments, and one of the quenching bath can work with multiple furnaces

Modern equipment allows for lower maintenance costs: due to the fact that the furnace is movable and is shifted to a position above the quenching bath, the charge directly from the atmosphere of the furnace falls into the quenching medium without contact with the atmosphere without loss of temperature. It does not use an intermediate gateway and thus, we obtained a significant reduction of energy consumption and technological environments. If there is a need to increase performance when carrying out a hardening process that adds only new kiln module that will work with the existing quenching bath, and it doubles release program.

It is also easy to add a new heat treatment process: quenching bath with water to the existing oil bath and existing customer’s kiln will be operated with two quenching media. Must be used when chemical-heat treatment washing machines, and devices for loading/unloading (manual positioner or automatic/semi automatic machine), and boot the snap, then a single complex, composed of modules depending on needs, is able to completely replace all existing equipment. This substitution is particularly effective when replacing furnaces.

As a rule, is a breakthrough not only in obtaining a stable result of chemical and heat treatment, but also moves to a new level of organization of the production process from the point of view of working conditions and production efficiency.

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