Selection criteria vertically milling machines

the Main differences between the vertically milling machines

vertical milling machine

motor Power vertical spindle.

For machining with an allowance of up to 3 mm suitable for lathes with a capacity up to 5 kW. With the increase in the allowance necessary to increase the capacity in the processing of parts such as stamped vertically on the milling machine already should be at least 10 kW during the removal of more than 15 mm.

upright Spindle of a milling machine


digital readout unit along the three axes.

the more accurate indication of your upright milling machine, the better you can customize and adjust the movement of the cutter. Machines without the digital display at the modern production facilities are used only for roughing operations.

Digital readout of the machine's axis


Automatic feed in X and Y.

a Very useful function allows to reduce treatment time by 30-60% depending on the number of operations performed on the vertical milling machine

Servo mounted on the machine axis

Central lubrication system guides.

One of the most important options allows you to significantly prolong the service life of the machine.

Tank of the lubrication system

solid table with precise geometry and low roughness.

the Table to choose from the weight of the intended preform. The table should stand on 15-20% more weight of the workpiece.


Halogen lamp as standard.

Sometimes this is one of the most important differences between vertical milling machines, especially when small or fine work.


Size table

everything is just the size little bigger than the maximum size of the workpiece machined on a vertical milling machine.


the spindle rotation Frequency.

When finishing, better use of high rpm spindles, and when roughing or rough milling low rpm.


the Availability of a CNC system.

Vertically milling machine with numerical control allows you to handle parts of complex shape and to make adjustments for the treatment more accurately. Buying a CNC machine is necessary only if these types of treatments, or in the absence of a skilled worker is able to work on vertical milling machine

Vertical milling machine CNC

the Latest models of machines are also often equipped with collision avoidance systems, which often saves you from unexpected expenses.

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