Overview milling engraving machines

Milling-engraving machines differ in the parameters cutting speed and the stroke in the Z-axis, and capacity.

Engraving a stamp

When choosing milling and engraving machine need to pay attention to the following parameters:

the speed of movement of the portal on all axes.


    1. the amount of power the spindle, which is equipped with milling and engraving machine.


    1. size of the working field of the machine and method of material handling.


  1. ratio of performance and accuracy of the receiving surface.

the Advantage of CNC milling machines over other manufacturing methods is the speed, accuracy and simplicity: it is enough to prepare the image file and load it into the machine and the machine will calculate how faster and better to even the most complex patterns.

For engraving use a plain round cutter, either specific engravers.

When working on a milling-engraving machine the 1 lead cutter, it is recommended to take not more than 5 mm per pass, with a 2-lead can be milled to 10 mm in 1 pass. When exceeding this depth may receive the charring of the cut edge.

Spherical cutters give a lower roughness of the machined surface due to less vibration during the cutting process.

cheaper options milling-engraving machines of the type SUDA ST-8070, Beaver 9AT2 and more expensive class to represent the type of machine MEII-2212S.

These milling-engraving machines are designed for different work.

SUDA has three undeniable advantages in terms of stiffness.

SUDA ST-8070 all iron, Beaver 9AT2 strut and beam portal aluminum.

Width of the portal SUDA ST-8070 less than 20%.

the SUDA is built on rails and Z Beaver 9AT2 on cylindrical.

have SUDA minor in all respects, defects:


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