The choice of a robot manipulator

With the development and automation the robotics market, a large number of different robots manipulators of different configurations and perform a huge array of different works.
Analyzing the market and technical possibilities of this type of equipment choose a robot manipulator firms Kawasaki model RS10N, with the following specifications:

manipulator options

the technical characteristics of the equipment used will allow for accurate deployment of the installation and removal of the workpiece. The fixture allows removal and installation of parts and workpieces, thereby reducing the auxiliary time. The mechanism is driven using a piston to which air is supplied, pneumotion has output and input ,which enables the compression — decompression of the sponges. Cylinder is fixed on the rail ,transmitting the translational motion to the gears that transmit movement to the guides.

the Device is semienclosed.In the chamber of the piston is installed sleeve, which promotes repair of the suitability of this site.
For the installation you wish:
Mounting shafta to implement on a robot with a flange.
Check the tightness of connections.


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