Milling cutter for metal

Technical process milling is the most common methods of processing metals, it is often only found turning.



Selection of cutters for the metal is carried out according to the criteria of workpiece material of the part

the hardness of the processed surface details

the complexity of the geometry of metal parts

the accuracy of the processed surface details

milling parts appear processes hindering the treatment process

depending on properties of the processed material during the cutting process appears chip shrinkage, which leads to frizz chips and difficulty of the treatment process

Processing soft materials associated with the appearance on the cutting edge of the cutter for metal.

Heat treated surface and cutter for metal when cutting

the Most common cutters for metal




Shaped cutters

Cutter for machining T-shaped grooves


Briefly describe the main parameters of the mill metal

specifications of end mills for metal

Geometrical parameters of milling cutter for metal

Disc cutter

Disc cutter for metal used for cutting various lengths of metal or to create grooves of a given thickness and depth, which is very convenient when using it in mass production. The cutting disc cutter for metal is usually divided into 3 kinds, this is a fine teeth, with medium tooth and krupnooptovye.

modular disc Cutter

side and face Cutters are made of modular sets of numbers for each module, these cutters cut into conical or cylindrical, helical or spur wheels.


hob has a profile profiled screw with cutting teeth. They are used for the manufacture of gear wheels. The method of milling of gears using the hob for a very long time is widespread in the industry due to its versatility, very high performance and accuracy when obrabotke. The same mill one module get wheels with different numbers of teeth. The process of ubonratana hobs similar to the process of meshing two toothed wheels with their reboot, hob and the wheel when processing revolve around the axis, and the axis of the wheel is the movement of the caliper of the machine.

T-shaped cutters

engineering is often obrabatyvat T-shaped machining grooves with groove sizes from 10 — 50 mm. is Optimal for getting them to use a T-bolt cutters sootvetstvuyuschim profile. Udobstvo their use is especially important when milling with a cutter, the upper surface of the groove, often the getting of this size is not physically possible because of the possibilities of cutting equipment.

slot drills

slot drills used for milling keyways and grooves in the products of steel and cast iron. Slot drills are manufactured from high speed steel and hard alloy.

radius End mills

For more complex curved surfaces on a processed milling parts,such as blade profiles of turbine blades or stamps, use the end radius of the cutter. Depending on the complexity of the workpiece, material and machining conditions these cutters have high requirements to be considered when selecting a cutting tool for metal. For example,to improve output of chips when machining a blind while deep wells it is necessary to increase the angle of helix of the cutter. To reduce vibration when cutting the teeth of the cutter are fitted asymmetrically relative to its axis. To work the cutter in the axial direction as when drilling in the center of the cutter at its end, make a small jumper. Getting burnished transitions of small radius may conical radius end mills; the angle of the cone depends on the design parameters of the processed surfaces and conditions provide the necessary stiffness;.

Calculation of main technical parameters of milling metals

the Calculation of the main technical parameters of milling metal


Recommendations for selecting cutting conditions select for one or more of the processed materials. When calculating the mode of machining cutters for other materials correction factors are applied.

Effect of number of teeth of milling cutters for metal on the main characteristics of cutting

the Difference between the milling of four and six tooth cutters for metal

cross Section of the cutter on metallo

Low speed metal cutting due to the large depth of cut and low feed

the cross-Section cutters for metal, 4-z

High speed metal cutting due to the small depth of cut and high feed

six tooth cutter is less wear for the same performance with four tooth cutter for metal

Cross cutter metal 6-z

Technological parameters of the milling cutters for metal, calculated as follows

cutting Speed

Calculation of filing when milling metal

the Basic formula for the calculation of process parameters for end milling metal with spherical ends

In some cases in mass production in milling cutters for metal cutting are carried out with the help of interchangeable plates

Inserts for milling metal

Cutters are highly economical tool due to the use of plates with double-sided geometry.

Negative geometry cutters for metal contributes to the durability of this tool.

Sometimes cutters for metal are combined mounting of SMP is made by means of a screw and wedge.


cooling System cutters for metalcoolant

the Use of coolant improves chip evacuation from the cutting zone and cools the tool. The cooling system is supplied through the case of the cutter the cutting edges.

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