Mills with high-performance geometry

For one-piece cylindrical, disk, face and end mills, there is a trend

Mill with high performance geometry

a) to increase feed per tooth, and consequently the table feed in milling operations, improve the strength of the tooth p of the increase in flute taken to reduce the number of teeth of the cutter and the back of the tooth to define a parabola. The smooth operation of the cutter is achieved thanks to the increase in the angle ( tilt flute to 43-60 degrees). It should be noted in turn that the increase of leads to an increase in chip thickness, contributes to a certain reduction of the cutting forces when milling;

b) to reduce vibrations during milling, and consequently, improvement of surface finish impose unequal circumferential step, in which the teeth of the cutter cut into the workpiece through unequal time intervals, and varying feed per tooth.



When designing the mechanical cutters, consider the following

a) the value of the principal angle of the tooth should be taken depending on the rigidity of the system AIDS and demand optimum durability and performance tool.

to increase resistance as the mechanical and the disk detachable cutters rational to introduce a transitional cutting blades .

Uneven cutting angle of the cutter

b) while removing relatively large allowances in a single pass, if insufficient power milling machine or system stiffness AIDS, rationally applied instead of the conventional mechanical mestrez with step sharpening or installing blades-teeth . In the latter case, are cut thicker and narrow chips, which has a slight decrease of the specific cutting force;

C) when milling in a double fixture on a horizontal milling machine the ends of shafts, and parts with small planes have proven themselves so-called double-edged cutters, which in one move the machine is processing simultaneously the two parts. The item And is handled by the outer , and the part of B internal 2 blades of teeth. Thus, the performance of the milling process can increase by more than two times;

Dimension cutter

g) improving performance in milling of cast iron can be achieved by increasing the number of teeth of the cutter, which is achieved by using two or trehlistnyj toothed elements

e) by analogy with the one-piece from prefabricated structures of face mills are also efficiently perform uneven circumferential pitch.

materials: Gigalo N. I., Kiselev V. V. designing and manufacturing cutting tools

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