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Home milling wood is France. The translation of the word «frase» means strawberry. The form of the first mills actually looked like strawberries. Their modern designs are far from this similarity. The application of mills is used widely and commonly disseminated. There are many operations available for performing on a normal milling machine, but easily doable with the router in the tree.< / span>

mill work

Known types of cutters for drill:

Cylindrical, which is adapted to process a flat surface. They may have straight or helical teeth. Smooth operation is required with cutters having helical teeth. Contraindicated sudden movements. Horizontal milling machines are used to install them.on
Mechanical, which are processed in the same flat surface. For use vertical milling machines are used. They are distinguished by the presence of the axis of rotation perpendicular to the work surface.on
Disk, designed for milling grooves and slots of all kinds. They are distinguished by the fact that a cylindrical surface and both end faces are equipped with teeth.on
Limit by which get complex dredging and deepening.on
Shaped and angled, used for the manufacture of parts with complex surface. They can be: odnopolnymi and dvupolnymi. Odnopolnye cutters have cutting edges on the ends. Dvupolnye cutters have cutting edges on each side.on
Welt and cutting.on
All the known cutters are divided on the end (attached with collets and chucks) and shell (through the spindle).

mill wood

There is a difference in their designs. Cutters can be:

Solid, made from one the whole of the workpiece. Typically, these cutters have a small size.
Teams, where the manufacture of the body is cheap steel and hard alloys used for making teeth. The complexity of such cutters is compensated by the fact that there is an opportunity to put knives of any size, or simply replaced.
the Existence of many different types of milling did not affect the change in the structure of the teeth. Known only two forms:

the form of Pointed teeth, which are characterized by the flat shape of the front and rear surfaces. The disadvantage is the reduction of the height of the tooth when regrinding. The cutting edge can change its shape.
Relief the form of teeth, which does not change the height of the teeth of regrinding.
the Diversity of cutters

woodworking hand router use a special cutter. It includes a cylindrical shank (collet in diameter 6mm, 8mm, 12mm) and a working part provided with a cutting edge. Aware of the huge variety of cutters.

Cutters are different:

the shape of the cutting edge;
If the wood is soft rock, it is recommended to apply special cutter. They have knives, in the manufacture of which used high speed tool steel. When working with solid wood (oak, ash, beech) use cutters with blades made of hard alloys.
Technological purpose cutters

Based on the technological purpose, the cutters are divided into:

edge (profile), which perform the processing, polishing and grinding the edges of the treated wood.
Interlocking needed to perform finger joinery joints, depressions, grooves, and to perform complex elements. They are:
molding creating grooves with a semicircular shape;
burnished used for the formation of the edge fillets. Its use you need to get a decorative edge products;
V-shape (cone), forming the grooves with walls at 45⁰. With the help of such cutters cut out the letters and various ornaments;
the form of «dovetail», are used for furniture production (open and hidden tongue and groove connection).
Фигирийные, с помощью которых выполняют дверные и мебельные филенки, багетные рамы, декоративные элементы интерьера.
Спиральные, используемые при черновой или чистовой обработке древесины.
Фрезы, используемые в работе с деревом, часто изготавливаются из различных сплавов. Использование комбинированных фрез в работе с деревом наиболее популярно. В их оснащении имеется несколько ножевых головок и корпусов. Они обладают большей экономичностью.

двух зубая фреза

Company for the sale of mills

To buy cutters for wood for the drill, visit «KAMI». This company has in its range a large choice of goods of this type. The least popular company «Dimar», supplying woodworking tools in 44 countries, including Russia. The manufacture, sale and repair of mills successfully produced at Moscow firm called «Flint». Using the Internet stores or firms selling mills on a tree for a drill, you can buy kits, or only a few mills using the directory on the website. You can make the personal order with the desired size and the required profile.

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